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  • Poetics vol. 1 issue 3
  • A. Minetta Gould (bio)

I was not born with a hollow for the Lyric, I was made into this. I was made into judgment, into terror, into the bird’s bone, which I can’t even say in a poem anymore because I’m past an age and I’m worn. What if I’m not done with Arcadia? What if I believe in labeling a city a school because maybe I can learn from lying next to a man telling him of prayer I once tried writing into a poem for him.

She unfolded and refolded sheetsof paper holding prayersfor saints and safetyof those in and outof the plane and I, because I was there, watched and learnedof faith.

What if I have faith in the Lyric? It’s nesting inside where I want something to be that isn’t the woman’s plight. I’ve been told to write through pain, to put it on the page, but today I still worry about the separation of the Barbie’s legs shoved up in my young body and the body I have hollowed today. [End Page 52]

A. Minetta Gould

A. Minetta Gould was raised in The Mittens by a beautician and crane operator. She is the author of four chapbooks, most recently from FAMILY (2013) and MASS. (2014). A. Minetta is the managing editor for Black Ocean.



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