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  • Reiterating the Wind
  • John Fenlon Hogan (bio)

Everything I say I say because the world is not the way I want it. That I’m still speaking reminds me of how ineffective I am, how full of nonsense and nausea. This is what’s awful about being human, in addition to unrequited love and the opposable thumb which facilitates the trigger finger. I wish I could say everything I do is an attempt to bring back the dead. It isn’t true, though, and I’m not entirely ashamed. Bear with me for a second while I think about that guy who went through hell et al. to retrieve his lover. OK. That’s another thing about being human: looking behind — but up until then he was doing pretty great. I did not ask you to leave. I am not asking you to come back. [End Page 28]

John Fenlon Hogan

John Fenlon Hogan works in finance and real estate. His poems are forthcoming in Boston Review, The Leveler, Notre Dame Review, Yalobusha Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Virginia.



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