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SHORTER NOTICES 105 Hadley Cantril, Otto Klineberg, and George W. Kisker; The Reamstruction of Humanity by Pitrim A. Sorokin. There are discussions of "happiness) and "evolution" as ethical standards; the "comparative method"; philosophical trends in Canada; democracy and communism . In writing these articles and reviews, Professor Irving was motivated by several convictions which he states in the opening pages of Science and Values and in the Epilogue. He believes that a "new reformation" is required in order to achieve a "reconstruction of humanity." In this reconstruction, philosophy must play a leading role. It should provide a statement of "universal," "ultimate" values. (Since science is neutral, it cannot provide ultimate values. ) Philosophy should stress the necessity of making use of the facts of psychology and sociology (as well as those of natural science, politics and economics). Professor Irving is convinced that the disregard of psychology and sociology is one of the greatest weaknesses in modern thought. A new "liberal education" should have as its core-the social sciences. However, the facts of the social sciences (as apprehended by techniques philosophically valid) must be used in accordance with value ideals stated by philosophy. The old individualized, compartmentalized, type of education should be replaced by a socially oriented, organic type of approach. In stressing value, Professor Irving emphasizes the importance of recognizing that values function in a particular social situation and cannot be understood unless this is appreciated. It is to be regretted that some quotations are not identified. The author stresses the "exploratory" nature of these "chapters." It is to be hoped that Professor Irving will continue the project which is outlined and illustrated in this volume. A. H. JOHNSON BOOKS RECEIVED ALARCON, PEDRO ANTONIO DE . El sombrero de tres picos. Edited with Introduction, Notes, Exercises, and Vocabulary by EDMUND V. DE CHASCA. Boston, Mass.: Ginn and Company [Toronto! Ginn and Company]. 1952. Pp. xxii, 162. $1.75. Berkeley : Philosophical Writings. Selected and edited by T. E. JESSOP. The Nelson Philosophical Texts. Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. [Toronto: Thomas Nelson and Sons (Canada) Ltd.]. 1952. Pp. xxvi, 278. $1.50. BELL, K. N. Belief in Action. Wjth a memoir of the author by AUSTI N LANE POOLE. London: G. Bell and Sons Ltd. [Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited]. 1952. Pp. xii, 84. $2.00. BELOFF, MAX, ed. The Debate on the American Revolution, 1761-1783. The British Political Tradition, ed. by ALAN BULLOCK and F. W. DEAKIN, 1. London; Nicholas Kaye [Toronto! The Copp Clark Co. Limited]. 1949. Pp. xii, 304. $4.00. 106 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY BLACKMUR R. P. Langua~e as Gesture: Essays in Poetry. New York: Harcourt, Brace 'and Company lToronto: George J. McLeod, Limited], 1952. Pp. vi, 440. $7.50. BLAMl'RES, HARRY. English in Education. London: Geoffrey Bles [Toronto: British Book Service (Canada) Ltd.}. 1951. Pp. 159. $2.50. BRUCKBERGER, RAYMOND L. Golden Goat: The Parable of the Worthy Rich Man and the Unworthy Poor Man. Illustrations by RICHARD SEEWALD. English version by VIRGILIA PETERSO N. New York: Pantheon Books, I nc. [Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Ltd.}. 1952. Pp. 63. $2.75. BRYSO N, LYMAN; FINKELSTEI N, LOUIs; MAcIvER, R. M. ; and McKEON, RICHARD, cds. Freedom and Authority in OUT Time: Twelfth Symposium of the Conference on Science~ Philosophy and Religion. New York and London: Harper & Brothers for Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion in Their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life, Inc. 1953. Pp. xvi, 767. $6.00. BULLITT, JOHN M. Jonathan Swift and the Anatomy of Satire: A Study of Satiric Technique. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press [Toronto: S. J. Reginald Saunders and Company Limited]. 1953. Pp. x, 214. $5.50. BUTTERFIELD, HERBERT. History and Human Relations. London: Collins. 1951. Pp. 254. $3.00. A Choice of Kipling's Prose. Selected and with an introductory essay by W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd. [Toronto: The Macmil1an Company of Canada]. 1952. Pp. xxx, 338. $3.50. The Collected Plays of W. B. Yeats. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited [Toronto: The Macmillan Company of Canada]. 1952. Pp. vi, 705. $4.00. COOLEY, HAZEL. Vision in Television: The Origins and Potentialities of Educational Television. New York: Channel Press. 1952. Pp. xii, 80. $2.50. DECKER...


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