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  • South Central ReviewThe Journal of the South Central Modern Language Association

Vol. 31, no. 1    Spring 2013

Special Feature

  • 1 Why I Write
      Natasha Trethewey


  • 17 The Duality of Seeing “Darkly”: Analyzing Bergman’s Karin in Through a Glass Darkly
      Christina Boyles

  • 34 In the Absence of the Archive (Paris, October 17, 1961)
      Lia Brozgal

  • 55 The Magical Real and the Rural Modern in Cinema Novo: Vidas Secas and Black God, White Devil
      Benjamin Child

  • 74 “Lost in the Haze”: Joseph Conrad, the Ruined Maid, and the MaleGaze
      David Mulry

  • 99 Cadela Carioca: Bishop’s “Pink Dog” in its Brasilian CulturalContext
      Elizabeth Neely

  • 114 The Resistance Syndrome: Alain Badiou on Samuel Beckett
      Barbara Will


  • 130 Anthony Dyer Hoefer, Judgment, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary
      Reviewed by Michael Pitts [End Page 1]

Vol. 31, no. 2    Summer 2014


  • 1 The Communist Tragedy
      Pascal Bruckner

  • 9 Reconfiguring Identities in the Word and in the World: Naming Marginalized Subjects and Articulating Marginal Narratives in Early Canonical Works by Gertrude Stein
      Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick

  • 28 We Have a Situation Here: Coming After May 1968 With Olivier Assayas
      Donald Reid

  • 40 Not Forever Blasted: The Redemption of Virtue in The FemaleMarine
      Dan Walden

  • 59 “The Bigger the Lie, the More They Believe”: Cinematic Realism and the Anxiety of Representation in David Simon’s The Wire
      Galen Wilson [End Page 2]

Vol. 31, no. 3    Fall 2014

Special Issue: A Centennial Celebration of Albert Camus Edited by Robert Zaretsky

  • 1 Introduction: A Centennial Celebration of Albert Camus
      Robert Zaretsky


  • 9 Politics, Artistic Merit, and the Posthumous Reputation of Albert Camus
      Patricia M.E. Lorcin

  • 27 Albert Camus and the Anticolonials: Why Camus Would Not Play the Zero Sum Game
      James D. Le Sueur

  • 43 To Kill a Human Being: Camus and Capital Punishment
      Ève Morisi

  • 64 “Algeria is What Pains Me”
      Arthur Goldhammer

  • 72 Albert Camus’ Algerian Honeymoon
      Anne Quinney

  • 82 The Hussars: A Young Literary Right Faced with Camus (1945–1962)
      Marc Dambre

  • 93 Camus: A Romance Revisited
      Elizabeth Hawes

Review Essay

  • 100 Ranciere’s Redistributions
      William Vaughan [End Page 3]



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