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INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED IN 'LETTERS IN CANADA' Prepared in the Editorial Department of University of Toronto Press by Jean Wilson Abbey, Lloyd Flies 354 Adam, Ian Encounter 353 AJJard, Michel, redacteur L'Hotel·Dieu de Muntrea11642- 1973 428 Aquin. Hubert The Antiphonary (translated hy Alan Brown) 343 Arapura. John G. Religion as Anxiety and Tranquillity: An Essay in Comparative Phenomenology of the Spirit 441 Assiniwi, Bernard Histoire des lndiens du Haut et du Bas-Canada I: Lexique des noms indiens en Amerique: noms geographiques . Lexique des noms indiens en Amerique: personnages historiqucs 424-5 Baguley, David 'Fecondite' d'Emile Zola: Toman athese, evangile, mythe 395-6 Bailey,Don If You Hum Me a Few Bars I Might Remember the Tune 338; The Shapes Around Us 358 Ballcm, John The Devil's Lighter 342 Barbeau, Jean Le Chant d'U sink 379 Barrette, Jacqueline Flatte ta heaaine,, Bonne Fete Papa 380 Bartlett, Brian My Brother's Insomnia 358 Bawtree, Michael The LAst of the Tsars 374-5 Beauchamp, Germain Le Livre au vent quoi 367 Beaudet, Andre Nocturnales a'Octohre 370 Beaugrand, Honore La Chasse-Galerie 350 Beaulieu, Andre et Jean Hamelin La Presse '1uehecoise des origines anos jours I 434-5 Beaulieu, Michel Variahles, Pulsions 370 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy Oh Miami Miami Miami, La Nuitte de Malcomm Hudd 347 Beausoleil, Claude Les Bracelets d'ombre 365-6 Beare, Frank W. Understanding the Sacrea Text: Essays in Honor of Morton S. Eslin on the Hebrew Bible and Christian Beginnings 438 Beatty, Jean Gamut 357 Bedard, Andre La N'Uit liberatrice: liberte, raison et foi selon L. Chestov 442-3 Beissel, Henry Inook and the Sun 374 Benoit, Jacques us Princes 350 Benoit, Real Rhum Soda 350; CEuvres dramati'lues 378 Benson, Eugene, editor Encounter 377 Beresford-Howe, Constance Book of Eve 340 Bernier, Jacques Reminiscences 365 Bessette, Gerard Trois Romanciers '1uebecois 351 Beugnot, Bernard et Roger Zuber Boileau: Visages anciens, visages nouveaux 388-9 Birney, Earle What's So Big Ahout Green? 352 Blais, Marie-Claire David Sterne 343; Un ]ounionais sa joualonie 347 Blaise, Clark A North American Education 338 Boucher, Jean-Pierre Jacques Fe"on au pays des Amelanchiers 351,431-2 Boucher, Yvon L'Onroboros 380 Boucherville, Georges Boucher de Uue de perdue, deux de retrouvees 350 Boyce, Murray Woodstock 363 Boyle, Leonard E. A Survey of the Vatican Archives and of Its Medieval Holdings 438-9 Bowering, George Curious 363 Bowering, Marilyn The Liberation of NewfO'undland 363 Braithwaite, Max A Privilege and a Pleasure 339 Brennan, Anthony The Carbon Copy 342 Brien, B.J.O., D.R. Clark et aI., compilers The First Supplement to The Brock Bibliography of Published Canadian Plays 400-1 Brochu, Andre Adeodat 348 Brock, Peter Pacifism in Europe to 1914 439 Brodeur, Jean-Paul C1,lture et langage 432 Brossard, Nicole Sold-out etreinte/ illustration 349 Bruns,]. Edgar God as Woman, Woman as God 437-8 Buckaway, C.M. Strangely the Birds Have 460 INDEX Come, untitled poems in Air 363 Burch, George Bosworth Alternative Goals in Religion: Love, Freedom, Truth 440 Burkle, Horst and Wolfgang M.W. Roth, editors Indian Voices in Today's Theological Debate 443 Cahiers des Dix 429 Cameron, Donald, editor Conversations with Canadian Novelists 418 Campbell, Maria Halfbreed 406-8 Carpentier, Alain Axel et Nicholas 350 Carrier, Roch Le Deux-Millieme Etage 350 Charlebois, Jean Tete de bouc 370 Charney. Ann Dobryd 340 Chiitillon, Pierre Le Mangeur de neige 366-7 Clari, Jean-Claude Le Mot chimere ade1.~ sens 349 Clarke, Austin The Storm of Fortune 339-40 Cloutier, Eugene En Alle11U1gne de l'ouest 430 Cogswell, Fred The House Without a Door 363 Cohen, Matt The Story so Far /2 344 Cotnam, Jacgues Contemporary Quebec: An Analytical Bibliography 418- 19 Cowley, Abraham The Civil War, edited by Allan Pritchard 390-1 Cox, Richard H., editor, Religious Systems and Psychotherapy 444-5 Crosbie, John S. The Mayor of Upper Upsalquitch 341 Cummings, R., M. Doherty et al., compilers The Brock Bibliography of Published Canadian Stage Plays in English 1900-1972 401-2 Currie, Robert Sawdust and Dirt 363 Curtis, Edward S. Portraits from North American Indian Life 404-5 del Vasto, Lanza Pour...


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