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WYNDHAM LEWIS IN CANADA An Apology from the Editors The Summer 1972issue of 'Letters in Canada' contained a review of Wyndham Lewis in Canada, edited by Professor George Woodcock. In it Professor Woodcock was sharply criticized for his editing of a Lewis manuscript, 'Nature's Place in Canadian Culture,' published in the volume and identified there as being in the Cornell University Library. Professor Woodcock has since advised the Editors of the Quarterly that the manuscript published by him was not in fact the Cornell one1 but another versionl in the possession of Mrs Lewis, which differs from the Cornell manuscript in several particulars. As a result of this misunderstanding, the Quarterly's review was principally concerned with the Cornell manuscript and with its apparendy faulty reproduction in the volume, and Professor Woodcock was mistakenly accused of having in his edition altered Lewisls text. The Editors deeply regret the embarrassment caused to Professor Woodcock by this accusation. In drawing the attention of the Quarterly's readers to the error and its unhappy sequel, they wish to retract any suggestion of editorial tampering on Professor Woodcockls part, and to express to him their sincere apolOgies. ...


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