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CON'fRlBUTORS ROGER OARDINAL, lecturer in French, Keynes College, University of Kent at Canterbury; with Robert S. Short, Surrealism: Permanent Revelation (1970), OutsidM Art (1972) TERRY OOMITO, Assistant Professor of English, Hunter College, OUNY BALAOHANDRA RAJAN, Senior Professor of English, University of Western Ontario; W.B. Yeats. A Critical Introduction (1965), Paradise Lost and the 17th Century Reader (1967), The Lofty Rhyme. A Study of Milton's Major Poetry (1970) MARTIN MUllLLER, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University College, University of Toronto BRUOS WALLIS, Assistant Professor of English, University of Victoria BARKER FAIRLBY, Professor Emeritus, University College, University of Toronto; Charles M. Doughty. A Critical Study (1927), Goethe as Revealed in His Poetry (1932), A Study of Goethe (1947), Goethe's Faust: Six Essays (1953), translator, Goethe's Faust (1970) MIOHAEL SiDNELL, Associate Professor of English, Trinity College, University of Toronto; Druid Craft. The Writing of The Shadowy Waters: mss of W.B. Yeats transcribed, edited, and with a commentary by Michael J.Sidnell, George P. Mayhew, and David R. Clark (1971) WILLIAM BLISSETT, Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto ...


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