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CONTRIBUTORS WALTER CERF, Professor of Philosophy, CUNY GRAEMB NICHOLSON, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto THOMAS H. CAIN, Associate Professor of English, McMaster University; Common Sense about Writing (1967) ROBERT RAWDON Wn.SON, Assistant Professor of English, University of Alberta ARTHUR F. KrNNEY, Associate Professor of English, University of Massachusetts ; Bear, Man, and God (1963), Symposium (1969), On Seven Shakespearean Tragedies (1969) w.]. KEITH, Associate Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; Richard Jefferies: A Critical Study (1965), Charles C.D. Roberts (1969) BEATRICE CORRIGAN, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Italian and Hispanic Studies, Co-ordinating Editor, Collected Works of Erasmus; Curious Annals (1956), Catalogue of Renaissance Plays in the U of T Library (1961), Italian Poets and English Critics (1969) R .L. COLm, N ancy Dure Lewis University Professor, Brown University; Light and Enlightenment (1957), Paradoxia Epidemica: The Renaissance Tradition of Paradox (1966) , 'My Ecchoing Song': Andrew Marvell's Poetry of Criticism (1970) D.I.B. SMITH, Associate Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; editor, Andrew Marvell's The Rehearsal Transpros'd and The Rehearsal Transpros'd the Second Part (1971), editor, Editing EighteenthCentury Texts (1968) B.A. FOAKES, Professor of English and American Literature, University of Kent at Canterbury; Romantic Assertion (1958), editor, with R.T. Rickert, of Philip Henslowe's Diary (1961), editor, Cyril Toumeur's Revenger's Tragedy (1966) ROBERTSON DAVIES, Master, Massey College, and Professor of English, University of Toronto; The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks (1947), Leaven of Malice (1954), Fifth Business (1971) DOUGLAS LBPAN, University Professor, Massey College, University of Toronto; The Deserter (1964) ...


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