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CONTRIBUTORS S. P. ROSBNBAUM, Professor of English, University and Erindale Colleges, University of Toronto; editor of Henry James's The Ambassadors (1964) and of A Concordance to the Poems of Emily Dickinson (1964) KATIILBBN COBURN, Professor of English, Victoria College, University of Toronto; author of The Philosophical Lectures of s. T. Coleridge (1949); Inquiring Spirit (1951); The Letters of Sara Hutchinson (1954); The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Vol. I, 1957; Vol. II, 1961) CBORGE WHALLEY, Professor of English, Queen's University; author of Poetic Process (1953); Coleridge and Sara Hutchinson (1955); The Legend of John Hornby (1962); editor of A Place ofLiberty (1964) DOUGLAS A. NORmnop, Professor of English, Ripon College, Ripon, Wisconsin RICHARD KELLY, Assistant Professor of English, University of Tennessee; author of Selected Writings of Douglas Jerrold (1969) PHYLLIS CROSSKURTH, Professor of English, University College, University of Toronto; author of John Addington Symcmds (1964) ...


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