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INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED IN "LETTERS IN CANADA" ACADBMlE CANADlENNS-FRANQAIb:, Reconnaissances Jitteraires, 560 Althouse, ]. G., The Ontario Tencher: A Historical Account of Progress, 18001910 , 542 Allaire, Aurcnen d', Evocations, 586 Allaire, Emilia B., P,o~" finUnins, 555 L'Arni, C. E. and Alexander Welikomy, Lermontov. 607-9 Anderson, Violet, In the Balance, 382 Aquin, Hubert, Prochain Episode, 384 Artiusbenko, Yuri, TIte Events and People J Met in the Struggle for our Statehood , 1917-1966, 591 L'Association des professc:urs de l'Universite Laval. Forum 'Universitaire, 551 Audet, Louis-Philippe, L'Organisation scolaire sous Ie regime fran,ais, 541-2 Audet, Louis-Philippe and Armand Gauthier, Le systeme scolaire du Quebec: Organisation et fonctionnement , 547-8 Avis, W. S., P. D. Drysdale, R. J. Gregg, and M. H. ScargUi (eds.) , Dieticmory of Canadian English: The Senior Dictionary, 455- 8 BADGLEY, ROBIN F. and Samuel Wolfe, Doctors' Strike: Medic,,z Care and ConfUct in Saskatchewan, 534 Baird, David M., Nature's Heritage: Canada's National Parks, 494-5 Baker, H. S. (00.), Jo",.,..l of Educational Though~ 55()"'1 Ball, Nelson, Beaufort's Scale, 379 Basile, Jean, Le Grand Khan, 574-6 Beaton, Allan, Collection of newspaper cartoons from the Toronto Telegram, 505 Beaulieu, Michel, Erosions, 585 Bedard, Pierre, Alabama, 585 Belanger, Marcel, P,,'h«l. aIa parol., 585 Belford, Ken, Fireweecl, 380 Bcnbit, Jacques, los Carbone, 577 Bentley, G. E., William Blake: Tiriel. Facsimile and Transcript of the Manuscript, Reproduction of the DraWings, and a Commentary on the Poe.., 415-17 Beny, Roloff, Japan in Colour, 493 Beny, Roloff, To Everything There is a Season: Roloff Beny In Canada. 493 Bergeron, G«ard, Du DupZessisme au Johnson~e, 1956-1966, 568 Bernard, Anne, Cancer, 577 Bernard. Anne. Le Solei! 51" Ja fa~de, 577 Bessette, Gerard, Incubation, 385 Bietenbolz, Pietcr G., History and Biography in the Work of Erasmus of Rotterdam. 477-82 Bird, J. Brian, Th. Physiogmphy of Arctic Canada: With Special Reference to the Area S014th of Parry Channel, 535 Bissett, Bill, Lebanon Voices. 377 Black, Max (00.) , Tha M",ality of Scholarship, 437-8 Blain, Maurice, Approximations: Essais, 561 Blais, Marie-Claire, David Sterne, 576 Blais, Marie-Claire, L'Insoumise, 576 Blais, Marie-Claire, Pays voiles: Existences (reedit.), 578 Bodsworth, Fred, T ha Sparrow's Fall, 388 Booth, Luella, Old Mamma, 389 Bowering. George, BasebAll: A Poem in the Magic Number 9, 379 Bowering. George, Mirror on the Floor, 387 Brebner, John Bartlet, North Atlantic Triangle, 529 Brossard, Jacques, L'lmmigration : Les droits et les potwoirs du Canada et du Quebec, 570 Brown, Jim, If There are any Noohs, 381 Browne, G. P., The }1ulicial Committee and the British North America Act! An Analysis of the Interpretive Scheme for the Distribution of Legislative Powers, 518-19 Bureau, Jean, Devant toi, 586 Buri, S. G., Elephan' Girl, 381 Burnham, Drian (ed.), New Designs for Learning' Highlights of 'he Reports of the Ontario CurTiCtl.lutn Jnstih'te, 1963-1966, 544-5 CAlIlBRS DES Dxx, 556 Callahan, Audrey, Ten Green Bottles, 388 612 INDEX Campeau, Lucien, La Premiere Mission d'Acadie, 1602-1616, 552 Canadian Slavonic Papers, vol. IX, I, 1967, 597-8 Canadian Slavonic Papers, vol. IX, 2, 1967, 603-7 Careless, J. M. S. and R. Craig Brown, The Ca1ladians, 1867-1967, 517 Careless, J. M. S., The Union of the Canadas: The Growth of Canadian I nsfit1ltions, 1841-J857, 516-17 Carlson, Chuck, Strange Movies (ive seen), 379 Cameron, Donald, Faces of Leacock: An Appreciation, 499-500 Carriere, Ie R. P. Gaston, Histoire doc14mentaire de Ia Congr~gation des missionaires oblats de Marie:-Imtnnculie dans l'en du Cu,wda, tome VI, 553--4 Casavant, Richard, Le Matin de l'in~nj, 586-7 Catta. Rene Salvator, Le Grand Tournant, 573 Chafe, J. W., An Apple for the Teacher: A Centennial History of the Winnip .g School DivisWn, 542 Chalmers, John W., Schools of the Foo~ hills Province: The Story of Public Education in Alberta, 542 Chantal, Rene de, Marcel Proust, critique litteraire, 557 Charbonneau, Robert, Chronique de 1'8ge ."..,., 573 Choquette, Robert, CEuvres poetiques (reedite), 578 C1arke, Austin C., TIle Meeting Point, 383 Cloutier, Eugene, Le elm-ada sans passeport , 563--4 Clutesi, George, Son...


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