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HUMANITIES 417 killed by loyal troops. Birds' Nests in their Beards is significant for two reasons: first, it provides a sympathetic but not eulogistic analysis of the emergence of Indonesia as an important force; second, it reveals a skilled reporter completing a report in a way that is usually precluded by the sketchy headline-grabbing techniques demanded by our news-reporting media. Here is the news that's too fat to print. Finally, a book that brings together travel and humour in a most satisfying way. George Bain, nOw an associate editor of the Toronto Globe & Mail, makes nO attempt to rival his colleague Stevenson in intense and significant analysis, but his I've Been Around and Around and Around . .. (Clarke, Irwin, pp. viii, 200, $3.95) shows similar penetration , hints at similar compassion, and reveals a joyful and wide-ranging wit. It is of course unfortunate that he doesn't share all my views on defence (sic) policy, but I can find little else to criticize. His book, like his columns, is enlivened by jingling verses which enshrine contemporary nonsense in traditional metres, and his acidulous comments on life in the great and not-so-great capitals parallel without repeating the observations of other correspondents. Bain's humour is contextual, but I must quote just one example. Mrs. Francis Place, tired of both her husband 's propaganda for birth control and their fifteen children, sings: HI know," she said, "that you're sincere, I love you for it, dearie, But dammit, Frank, let's try this year Some practice with the theory." The long of it is that I've read them all; the short of it is that you should read Bain, Stevenson, Galbraith, and Ward, and if it's another rainy summer, you might have time for Maggie Grant, Lautens, and Garner before the 1965 crop is in. (JOHN M. ROBSON) NATURE The publication of A Naturalist's Guide to Ontario (University of Toronto Press for Federation of Ontario Naturalists, pp. xiv, 210, $4.95) , under the editorship of W. W. Judd and J. Murray Speirs, fills a longfelt gap as was demonstrated by the complete sale of the first printing almost immediately upon appearance. Beginning with informative surveys of the geology of Ontario (by Dr. Walter M. Tovell of the Royal Ontario Museum) and of the vegetation and fauna of this province (by Professors J. B. Falls and J. H. 418 LEITERS IN CANADA: 1964 Soper of the University of Toronto) this book proceeds to the various local and regional gUides for finding interesting areas that are especially good for seeing birds, animals, and wild Howers. These local directions have been prepared with the aid of local naturalists and nature clubs and for this reason the parts of the province that are well covered are those where such individuals and organizations exist. Fortunately, most of the regions usually frequented by travelling and summering naturalists as well as the best home areas are provided with such gUides to points of interest. In most cases this is done with considerable detail but in a few instances the information given is too scanty to be satisfactory. In the event of a revision-and this sort of guidebook must be revised at relatively frequent intervals to keep it up to date-a more uniform pattern of detailed gUidance should be followed. On the whole, however, this present book will be a highly useful introduction to the rich natural history endowment of the province of Ontario. As such it is most welcome. This volume is a fine piece of book production for which the publishers must be congratulated. It is also beautifully illustrated by the sensitive and lively black-and-white drawings from the pen of Miss Sylvia Hahn. In fostering and sponsoring the production of such a gUide the Federation of Ontario Naturalists has not only filled a gap in Canadian naturalist literature but has also set a pattern that it may be hoped will be followed in other provinces. If that is done we will have in time the basis for a naturalist's guide to all of Canada, a very much needed work that would add greatly to the...


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