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506 LEITERS IN CANADA: 1964 Published since the Bibliography appeared is his Ukrainica Canadiana 1963, published as No. 11 in the Bibliography Series of the Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences. Dr. Yar Slavutych, of the University of Alberta, is the general editor of an anthology-Almanac, Northern Lights, containing an imposing array of Ukrainian poems by D. Struk, M. Veres, O. Chemenko, B. Rubchak, L. Romen, M. Mandryka, B. Mazepa, V. Skorupskyj, D. Mur, D. Mohylyanka and Dr. Slavutych himself. It further contains his elaborate essay on Shevchenko's poetics, which has also been published as a separate, and E. Rajs's "Poetry of an Intellectual Achievement," commemorating Slavutych's twenty-five years as a poet, issuing in eight published volumes. From the University of Manitoba Press's series of volumes, Readings in Slavic Literature, comes a photomechanical reprint of a mediaeval manuscript, Monk Chrahr of Slavic Writings ( 1348), with notes and commentary in Ukrainian by the Metropolitan IIarion (Dr. Ohienko), who had used it as an auxiliary text in his lectures on Slavic philology. Also of academic stature is Dr. K. Kostiw's closely compacted volume on The Constitutional Documents of the Restored Ukrainian State in 1917-1919 and their Political and Sovereign Quality. He distinguishes three epochs: (1) the period of the Ukrainian Central Council, under Michael Hrushevsky as president, from March 17, 1917, to April 29, 1918; (2) the period of the Hetmanate, under General Paul Skoropadsky, April 30, 1918, to December 14, 1918; and (3) the period of the Directory, from December 1918 until the complete occupation of Ukraine by the Bolsheviks in 1920 drove it into exile. The idealistic principles laid down, particularly in the four "Universals" of 1917-18, reveal a high sense of national idealism and a warm regard for human rights, but the Ukrainian nationalists were caught between the upper millstone of Revolutionary Communism, even in their own cities, and the onslaughts of pro-Czarist forces, backed by embargos by the Entente; and a universal sweep of typhus and famine ended their dreams. CHECK-liST OF TITLES, COMPILED BY WATSON KIRKCONNELL BJARNSON ( PALL) , FUsar (lcel. "Chips," Vancouver, from the author, at 1016 West 13th Avenue, pp. 72, $3.00). BROMKE (ADAM), ed., Canadian Slavonic Papers, VI (Toronto, University of Toronto Press for the Canadian Association of Slavists, pp. vi, 134, $4.95). BUYNJAK (VICTOR 0.), The Galician-Volhynian Chronicle (Winnipeg, Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences, Slavistica Series No. 50, pp. 23, $1.00). HnABEC C W.), Nazvom3vchi materiyaly z Halychyny CUkr. l'Topa- and authroponymic materials from Halychyna," Winnipeg, Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences, Onomastica Series No. 27, pp. 16, $1.00). ILAlUoN (MYTROPOLYT), Boh i svit ( Uk,. "God and PUBLICATIONS IN OTHER LANGUAGES 507 the world," Winnipeg, Christian Press, pp. 69); Monk Chrabr on Slavic Writings: The Oldest Cyrillic Version of 1348 (Winnipeg, University of Manitoba Press, pp. 28). IVANYS (WASYL), Stezhkamy zhyttya, sponady, Knyha V, Na chul.hyni (Ukr. "On the paths of life, Memoirs, Vol. V, Abroad," Neu-Ulm, pp. SIS, $4.00). JASZCZUN (WASYL), Phonetic, morphological and lexical peculiarities of the Snyriv dialect (Winnipeg, Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences, Sfavistica Series No. 49, pp. 32, $1.00). KAYE (VLADIMIR J.), Early Ukrainian Settlements in Canada, 1895-lgOO (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, for the Ukrainian Canadian Research Foundation , pp. 420, $10.00). KmSCHBAUM 0. M.), Anton Bemolak; The First Codifier of rhe Slovak Language (Cleveland, Slovak Institute, pp. 48); Literature of the CynIcMethodian Period and Slovakia (Cleveland, Slovali Institute, pp. 20); IICanadian Translator of Slovak Poetry" (pp. 9-18, Slovakia, xiv, 37). KMETA-IcHNYANSKYJ (IVAN), Chasha zolota (Ukr. ''The golden chalice," Toronto, Doroha Prawdy, 148 Tecumseh St., pp. 94). KOSTIW ( Dr. K.), Konstytutsijni akty vidnovlenoyi ukraymskoyi derzhavy 1917-1919 rokiv i yikbnya politychno-denhavna yakist (Ukr. "The constitutional documents of the restored Ukrainian state in 1917-1919 and their political and sovereign quality," Toronto, Ukrainian Press, 3194 Dundas St. W., pp. 186) . LAZORKO (VOLODYMYR), Materialy do systematyky i favnistyky zhukiv Ukrayiny (Ukr. "Materials for the systematic c1assification of the beetle fauna of Ukraine." Vancouver, Shevcheno Scientific Society, pp. 123). LuCIW (WASYL and THEODORE) , Ahapius Honcharenko and the Alaska Herald (Toromo, Slavia Library, pp. 120). MICHALSKI (STANISLAW), Eskimoska ewa...


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