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Joseph R. Levenson
Professor of History, University of California; author of Liang Ch’i-ch’ao and the Mind of Modem China (1953 Modem China (1959) and. Confucian China and Its Modem Fate: The Problem of Intellectual Continuity (1958)

Albert Feuerwerker
Associate Professor of History, University of Michigan; author of China’s Early Industrialization: (1844–1916) and Mandarin Enterprise (1958)

M. H. Van Der Valk
Professor of Chinese Law, University of Leiden; author of Interpretations of the Supreme Court at Peking, 1915–1916 (1949) and Conservatism in Modern Chinese Family Law (1956)

W. A. C. H. Dobson
Professor of Chinese, University of Toronto; author of Civilizations of the Orient (1955) and Late Archaic Chinese (1959)

David Hawkes
Professor of Chinese, Oxford; author of Ch’u Tz’u, The Songs of the South, An Ancient Chinese Anthology (1959)

P. D. Hanan
Lecturer in Chinese, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Donald Keene
Professor of Japanese, Columbia University; author of Modern Japanese Literature (1956) and Living Japan (1959)



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