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  • Index to Volume 62

Index to authors

  • Aguilar, Filomeno V. Jr. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:306–8.

  • Aguirre, Arjan P. Review of Strong Family, Weak State: Hegel’s Political Philosophy and the Filipino Family, by Lukas Kaelin. 62:587–90.

  • Badillo, Victor L. American Jesuit prisoners of war, 1942–1945. Research Note. 62:567–78.

  • Barry, Coeli. Women religious and sociopolitical change in the Philippines, 1930s–1970s. 62:377–97.

  • ———. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:302–3.

  • Bautista, Julius and Peter J. Bräunlein. Ethnography as an act of witnessing: Doing fieldwork on Passion rituals in the Philippines. 62:501–28.

  • Baviera, Aileen S. P. Domestic interests and foreign policy in China and the Philippines: Implications for the South China Sea disputes. 62:133–43.

  • Baytion, Maricor M. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:305–6.

  • Buckley, David T. Catholicism’s democratic dilemma: Varieties of public religion in the Philippines. 62:313–39.

  • Concepcion. Grace Liza Y. Review of Figuring Catholicism: An Ethnohistory of the Santo Niño de Cebu, by Julius J. Bautista. 62:579–83.

  • Cornelio, Jayeel S. Popular religion and the turn to everyday authenticity: Reflections on the contemporary study of Philippine Catholicism. 62:471–500.

  • Cruz, Resto S. I. Review of Filipinos in Canada: Disturbing Invisibility, by Roland Sintos Coloma, Bonnie McElhinny, Ethel Tungohan, John Paul C. Catungal, and Lisa M. Davidson, eds. 62:284–88.

  • De la Cruz, Deirdre. The mass miracle: Public religion in the postwar Philippines. 62:425–44.

  • Dizon, Mark. Review of A Mountain of Difference: The Lumad in Early Colonial Mindanao, by Oona Paredes. 62:293–96.

  • Francisco, Jose Mario C. People of God, people of the nation: Official Catholic discourse on nation and nationalism. 62:341–75.

  • Galang, Romeo B. Jr. Review of Casa Boholana: Vintage Houses of Bohol, by Erik Akpedonu and Czarina Saloma. 62:279–83. [End Page 591]

  • Gealogo, Francis A. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:303–4.

  • Goodman, Grant K. “As the days go by: Throbs of grateful hearts”: Reeducation under the Japanese of Filipino POWs at Camp Del Pilar, Dau, Pampanga, 1942. Research Note. 62:263–78.

  • Guillermo, Ramon. Translation as argument: The nontranslation of loob in Ileto’s Pasyon and Revolution. 62:3–28.

  • Hau, Caroline Sy. Privileging roots and routes: Filipino intellectuals and the contest over epistemic power and authority. 62:29–65.

  • Hermann, Adrian. The early periodicals of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (1903–1904) and the emergence of a transregional and transcontinental indigenous-Christian public sphere. Research Note. 62:549–65.

  • Ileto, Reynaldo C. Father and son in the embrace of Uncle Sam. Symposium. 62:67–114.

  • ———. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:298–300.

  • Kares, Faith R. Practicing “enlightened capitalism”: “Fil–Am” heroes, NGO activism, and the reconstitution of class difference in the Philippines. 62:175–204.

  • Loh Kah Seng. Typhoon Ondoy and the translation of disaster expertise in Barangay Banaba, Marikina Valley. 62:205–31.

  • Manzano, Joanne V. Review of Filipino Crosscurrents: Oceanographies of Seafaring, Masculinities, and Globalization, by Kale Bantigue Fajardo. 62:289–92.

  • Narros, Andrés. The komedya of international development in Camiguin Island: Ethnographic stories on program impact and sustainability. 62:149–74.

  • Nazareno, Isabel Consuelo A. Review of A Cultural History of Santo Domingo, by Romeo B. Galang Jr. 62:583–86.

  • Rafael, Vicente L. Becoming Rey Ileto: Language, history, and autobiography. Symposium. 62:115–32.

  • ———. Obituary. Rev. John N. Schumacher SJ, 1927–2014. 62:301.

  • Sapitula, Manuel Victor J. Marian piety and modernity: An assessment of popular religion in the Philippines. 62:399–424.

  • Takagi, Yusuke. The “Filipino First” policy and the Central Bank, 1958–1961: Island of state strength and economic decolonization. 62:233–61.

  • Tondo, Josefina Socorro Flores. Sacred enchantment, transnational lives, and diasporic identity: Filipina domestic workers at St. John Catholic Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur. 62:445–70.

  • Tremlett, Paul-François. Urban religious change at the neoliberal frontier: Notes toward a spatial analysis of a contemporary Filipino vernacular Catholicism. 62:529–47.

Index to articles

  • Catholicism’s democratic dilemma: Varieties of public religion in the Philippines. David T. Buckley. 62:313–39...


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