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Badarneh, Muhammad A. See Migdadi, Fathi

Borges, Robert Linguistic Archaeology, Kinship Terms, and Language Contact in Suriname 1

Bouchard, Lise The Quichua System of Beliefs about Language Acquisition and Social Use: Cultural Resilience in Quichua-Spanish Contact 36

Costa, David J. Borrowing in Southern Great Lakes Algonquian and the History of Potawatomi 195

Dixon, R. M. W. Five Versions of a Dyirbal Legend 305

Green, Jennifer, and Myfany Turpin If You Go Down to the Soak Today: Symbolism and Structure in an Arandic Children’s Story 358

Harvey, Mark Reconstructing Long-Term Limits on Diffusion in Australia 158

Jacques, Guillaume Ideophones in Japhug (Rgyalrong) 256

Kroeber, Paul D. Pronominal Clitics and Indexability Hierarchies in Hanis and Miluk Coosan 105

Migdadi, Fathi The Pragmatics of Prophet-Praise Formulas in Jordan 61

Sarvasy, Hannah Across the Great Divide: How Birth-Order Terms Scaled the Saruwaged Mountains in Papua New Guinea 234

Turpin, Myfany See Green, Jennifer

Discussion and Debate

Amith, Jonathan D. Comments on a Review of Michel Launey’s An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl 288

Book Reviews

Binnick, Robert L. The Past Tenses of the Mongolian Verb: Meaning and Use (György Kara) 101

Byrd, Steven Calunga and the Legacy of an African Language in Brazil (Laura Álvarez López) 98

Calapucha-Tapuy, Edith Felicia See Uzendoski, Michael A.

Casad, Eugene H.; Klaus-Uwe Panther and Linda L. Thornburg, editors From Space to Time: A Cognitive Analysis of the Cora Locative System and Its Temporal Extensions (Dorothea Hoffmann) 301 [End Page i]

Dimmendaal, Gerrit Historical Linguistics and the Comparative Study of African Languages (Jeffrey Heath) 190

Gerdts, Donna B. See Kiyosawa, Kaoru

Golla, Victor California Indian Languages (Catherine A. Callaghan) 295

Hårsta-Grunow, Karen See Yap, Foong Ha

Hieda, Osamu, Christa König, and Hirosi Nakagawa, editors Geographical Typology and Linguistic Areas, with Special Reference to Africa (Jeffrey Heath) 397

Jentsch, Lynda J. See Polar, Antonio Cornejo

Kiyosawa, Kaoru, and Donna B. Gerdts Salish Applicatives (Henry Davis) 297

König, Christa See Hieda, Osamu

McLaughlin, Fiona, editor The Languages of Urban Africa (Jeffrey Heath) 399

Nakagawa, Hirosi See Hieda, Osamu

Panther, Klaus-Uwe See Casad, Eugene H.

Polar, Antonio Cornejo; Lynda J. Jentsch, translator Writing in the Air: Heterogeneity and the Persistence of Oral Tradition in Andean Literatures (John Holmes McDowell) 401

Storch, Anne Secret Manipulations: Language and Context in Africa (Jeffrey Heath) 395

Thornburg, Linda L. See Casad, Eugene H.

Tsvinaria, Ana See Yanagisawa, Tamio

Tsvinaria-Abramishvili, Anna See Yanagisawa, Tamio

Uzendoski, Michael A., and Edith Felicia Calapucha-Tapuy The Ecology of the Spoken Word: Amazonian Storytelling and Shamanism among the Napo Runa (Suzanne Oakdale) 191

Wrona, Janick See Yap, Foong Ha

Yanagisawa, Tamio; Ana Tsvinaria Analysis of Texts and a Basic Lexicon of the Abkhaz Language (John Colarusso) 184

Yanagisawa, Tamio; Anna Tsvinaria-Abramishvili Analytic Dictionary of Abkhaz (John Colarusso) 184

Yap, Foong Ha, Karen Hårsta-Grunow, and Janick Wrona, editors Nominalization in Asian Languages: Diachronic and Typological Perspectives (David Bradley) 92 [End Page ii]



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