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  • Key to Abbreviations

Festschriften, Essay Collections, and Books Discussed in More Than One Chapter

  • Accident Society / Jason Puskar, Accident Society: Fiction, Collectivity, and the Production of Chance (Stanford)

  • American Literature’s Aesthetic Dimensions / Cindy Weinstein and Christopher Looby, eds., American Literature’s Aesthetic Dimensions (Columbia)

  • American Socialist Triptych / Mark W. Van Wienen, American Socialist Triptych: The Literary Political Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Upton Sinclair, and W. E. B. Du Bois (Michigan)

  • Antebellum at Sea / Jason Berger, Antebellum at Sea: Maritime Fantasies in Nineteenth-Century America (Minnesota)

  • Companion to the American Novel / Alfred Bendixen, ed., A Companion to the American Novel (Wiley-Blackwell)

  • Cultures of Emancipation / Julia Faisst, Cultures of Emancipation: Photography, Race, and Modern American Literature (Winter)

  • Early Modern Poetics in Melville and Poe / William Engel, Early Modern Poetics in Melville and Poe: Memory, Melancholy, and the Emblematic Tradition (Ashgate)

  • Faulkner and Formalism / Annette Trefzer and Ann J. Abadie, eds., Faulkner and Formalism: Returns of the Text (Mississippi)

  • Hearing the Hurt / Eric King Watts, Hearing the Hurt: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, and Politics of the New Negro Movement (Alabama)

  • Heartland of the Imagination / Jeffrey Folks, Heartland of the Imagination: Conservative Values in American Literature from Poe to O’Connor to Haruf (McFarland)

  • Hemingway and the Black Renaissance / Gary Edward Holcomb and Charles Scruggs, eds., Hemingway and the Black Renaissance (Ohio State)

  • Housing the Environmental Imagination / Peter Quigley, Housing the Environmental Imagination: Politics, Beauty and [End Page ix] Refuge in American Nature Writing (Cambridge Scholars)

  • Literary Partnerships and the Marketplace / David Dowling, Literary Partnerships and the Marketplace: Writers and Mentors in Nineteenth-Century America (LSU)

  • Melville and the Idea of Blackness / Christopher Freeburg, Melville and the Idea of Blackness: Race and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century America (Cambridge)

  • Moments of Magical Realism / Lyn Di Iorio Sandín and Richard Perez, eds., Moments of Magical Realism in U.S. Ethnic Literatures (Palgrave)

  • The Morbidity of Culture / Stephanie Siewert and Antonia Mehnert, eds., The Morbidity of Culture: Melancholy, Trauma, Illness and Dying in Literature and Film (Peter Lang)

  • Must Read / Sarah Churchwell and Thomas Ruys Smith, eds., Must Read: Rediscovering American Bestsellers From “Charlotte Temple” to “The Da Vinci Code” (Continuum)

  • Neobaroque in the Americas / Monika Kaup, Neobaroque in the Americas: Alternative Modernities in Literature, Visual Art, and Film (Virginia)

  • One Hundred Years of Desire / Alessandro Clericuzio, ed., One Hundred Years of Desire: Tennessee Williams 1911–2011 (Perugia: Guerra)

  • Polymorphous Domesticities / Juliana Schiesari, Polymorphous Domesticities: Pets, Bodies, and Desire in Four Modern Writers (Calif.)

  • Projecting Words, Writing Images / John R. Leo and Marek Paryż, eds., Projecting Words, Writing Images: Intersections of the Textual and the Visual in American Cultural Practices (Cambridge Scholars, 2011)

  • Queer Environmentality / Robert Azzarello, Queer Environmentality: Ecology, Evolution, and Sexuality in American Literature (Ashgate) Reading for the Body / Jay Watson,

  • Reading for the Body: The Recalcitrant Materiality of Southern Fiction, 1893–1985 (Georgia)

  • Sex and Disability / Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow, eds., Sex and Disability (Duke)

  • Transatlantic Women / Beth Lynne Lueck et al., eds. Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers and Great Britain (New Hampshire)

  • Transnational American Studies / Udo J. Hebel, ed., Transnational American Studies (Winter)

  • Uncertain Chances / Maurice Lee, Uncertain Chances: Science, Skepticism, and Belief in Nineteenth-Century American Literature (Oxford)

  • Willa Cather and Aestheticism / Sarah Cheney Watson and Ann Moseley, Willa Cather and Aestheticism: From Romanticism to Modernism (Fairleigh Dickinson)

  • Writing Beyond Prophecy / Martin Kevorkian, Writing Beyond [End Page x] Prophecy: Emerson, Hawthorne, and Melville after the American Renaissance (LSU)

Periodicals, Annuals, and Series

  • AAR / African American Review

  • ABSt / A/B: Auto/Biography Studies

  • Ácoma: Rivista Internazionale di Studi Nordamericani

  • AL / American Literature

  • ALR / American Literary Realism

  • AmerS / American Studies

  • AmLH / American Literary History

  • AmLS / American Literary Scholarship: An Annual

  • AmPer / American Periodicals

  • ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews

  • AQ / American Quarterly

  • ArQ / Arizona Quarterly

  • AtlantisR / Atlantis: Revista de la Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos

  • BAF1900 / British and American Fiction

  • Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly

  • BoH / Book History

  • Callaloo: A Journal of African-American and African Arts and Letters

  • C&L / Christianity and Literature

  • CE / College English

  • CL / Comparative Literature

  • ClioI / CLIO: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History

  • CollL / College Literature

  • CompAmSt / Comparative American Studies: An International Journal

  • Comparatist...


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