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  • Josie Underwood’s Civil War Diary, Part Two
  • Nancy D. Baird (bio)

September 18621

During the first of September there was great excitement in Bowling Green about an expected Morgan raid. Every night for the first week of this month the long roll was beaten and Pa, Henry & Marius went out to stand guard, as the garrison of soldiers was small and the Union citizens, old men and young boys were called on for assistance. During this week I think Ma and Mrs Smith stood half of every night [End Page 351] questioning every soldier as he passed as to the news.2 We were all at Sister Fannie’s house, our dear old home having been burned by the Rebels.3 Lady & I slept on the sofas in the parlor until sister Jupe was well enough for me to sleep in her room and help nurse her dear little baby. We were busy too getting ready to go to Europe. Fearing Morgan might tear up the R.R. track we hurried our departure, on the 9th day of September, 11 o’clock A.M. We left Bowling Green: I felt very sad at leaving home. Everything so uncertain. Then I wished particularly to stay a few days longer as I knew that portion of the army in which my friends were would march into our town on the next day and I so longed to see them once more before leaving. Yet Pa’s life might have been endangered had we stayed, so his friends thought & my own desires were all unexpressed, and we left. I wept when I told my dear sister good bye & many silent tears fell, whose source I will not trace here. On the train Col B F Bristow introduced me to Capt Noel of the 19th Regulars.4 A very agreeable gentleman. [End Page 352] We had a pleasant time together particularly in crossing Salt River (where Morgan had burned the bridge) in an ox wagon. Remained in Louisville till the night of the 10th. Started then for Phila but had to stay nearly the whole night in the depot at Jeffersonville waiting for the cars. It was a bright moonlight night & I walked up & down the platform gazing out upon “Camp Joe Holt” & thinking of some of the brave soldiers who had drilled there.5 The cars came about 3 in the morning and we were soon on our way to Phila.

September 11, 1862—

Met Mr Etheridge and Emma had a pleasant trip to Philadelphia, which place we reached on the 12th September.6 Met Aunt Hassie & Mr Obear there.7 Spent 13 & 14, 15, 16, 17th shopping, and preparing for our ocean trip. Pa going to Washington in the meantime.

Friday,8 September 18, 1862—

Left Phila for New York. Nothing happening today. [End Page 353]

September 19, 1862—

Left New York for West Point. Did not see Warner for an hour or so after getting there.9

September 20, 1862—

Pleasant walks round the grounds. Beautiful sight the cadets drilling.

September 21, 1862—

All of us troubled that the cadets had such poor fare.

September 22, 1862—

Went out to see the boys drill & took Warner some ice cream under my cloak. Whilst waiting an opportunity to give it to him a gentleman asked me to promenade. Of course I declined as I couldn’t take care of the ice cream & take his arm too.

September 23, 1862—

Met Mr Counselman.10

September 24, 1862—

Mr C and I took a long walk, etc.

September 25, 1862—

Early in the morning went out to see the cadets drill & have a little [End Page 354] talk with Warner. Mr Counselman asked me to take walk and so I did and we exchanged rings. In the evening told Warner & friends good bye. Gen. Scott called to see us.11 After quite a pleasant week spent at West Point we returned to New York. Met Mr H Smith and Mr George Claypole in New York.

September 26, 1862—

In the morning went to get me some shoes & met Mrs Prince “Slam Slam.”12 At night Pa, Mr Claypole & I went to see...


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