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  • Bell and Cut Mary Somewhere in the Sugarcane
  • Andy Johnson (bio)

Cut Mary kep Miracle runnin and cummin deep back yonder. Lord Jesus. Yeah she do. Cut Mary got wiles. Used switchwalk. Could had any man alive. set her self on Miracle. raised Miracle since he was a baby all by herself. raised Miracle. Lord Jesus. raised him from nothin out of flower water. got a whole house full a roots. got her stores. jars a roots for medicine. shut em up tight Cut Mary say or medicine leak out. Cut Mary had hundred em big jars little jars. she be out cutting. how she make that flower water. she cutting them roots. raise Miracle and he dead. drank her flower water. man ain supposed to mess with woman business.

what can wash away my sin  nothing the blood of Jesuswhat can make me whole again  nothing the blood of Jesus

Bell she gerber daise. she regular daise. She gerber with orange petals most six foot. you senile. Bell just plain old white daise cept she grow out Miracle hand. grow out Miracle hand. they say she talk to him. who say. Bell say when he sleep. man drank night and day so he just inna bad liquor never found a days work. I sure I don know something grow out of him name Bell and Cut Mary couldnt get rid of Bell no she couldnt no mam. Cut Mary done done everything woman could do afore Bell big old daise flower sprouted out the palm his hand.

Miracle case a spores. sun spots. jeh net ick man ip you lation. the mange. you know Monsanos all ino. don say nothin about no Monsano they gone my farm. you a lie. ain no Monsano care about your acres. remember when Monsano show up afore the Krystal got built and the busing stop so you a lie right there you ole tent preacher. Pastor P.J. knock up the Hawkins girl. Lord Jesus. and if preachers like Pastor P.J. in the tent then good Christian cain trust nobody no more and wasn no Monsano dig around in no moldy ass soy beans. yes mam. cain trust nobody no more not no crazy ass lazy ass sleep all day drunk Miracle Randolph. wasn nothin horse glue. I saw the man he flower name Bell.

Miracle try cut Bell hisself cut her with a razor then Bell grew back and Miracle say get out me Devil and Bell say I love you and Miracle cut her with a knife and Bell grew back and Miracle say get out me Satan and Bell say I love you and Miracle pour poison on her start to hollerin and jumpin cause Bell fell off she grew back next day and Miracle shout Jesus help me Jesus thought he gone crazy cause he heard talk back it Bell and she say I love you I love you I love you and Miracle bun her with a hot iron down to the bone Lord Jesus yes he did pass out on the floor and when he woke Bell done grew back grew back grew back and Miracle broke down cryin. got to give the Devil his due. got out his pistol and Bell say add cinder and peat to clay. Lord Jesus. Miracle he had him a plot of hard red clay wouldn grow weeds. nothin heartache and hard work. bit of sugarcane down in the crick he couldnt get nothin to grow up his land just a half-dead soy Bell say add some cinder add some peat add some cinder Miracle I love you add some peat.

Cut Mary done hear commotion come fast home blood everywhere jars knock over dead flowers. Tomcatting. Lord Jesus. dead daises all over her house like he didnt care nothin about Cut Mary. Lord Jesus. he ain cheat on Cut Mary. he ain cheat [End Page 767] Cut Mary. she say ain nobody died who these gotdamn daises for and Miracle say you got to help me Mary you got to help me I got the Devil I got the Devil cry like a little boy. should known...


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