A selected germplasm of deer pea vetch (Vicia ludoviciana Nutt. [Fabaceae]) collected from south Texas was released in 2012 for use as a cool-season, native legume cover crop in range and reclamation seedings and for wildlife habitat improvement. Hoverson Germplasm was collected by Dr Richard Hoverson in 1998 in LaSalle County, Texas. Selection and release were justified by excellent seed production potential of the plant, and the ability of the species to establish, compete, and volunteer in extensive testing in rangeland and reclamation seedings in the evaluation region. Seed stock for the release was increased from the original collection to preserve the genetic integrity of the population, and no genetic manipulation has been carried out on the collection. Hoverson Germplasm represents the first cool-season, native legume seed source release for south Texas and fills the need for certified commercial seed of a cool-season native plant seed source for range, reclamation, and wildlife habitat seedings.


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