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LETTERS IN CANADA: 1948 291 In Leslie Roberts' view in Horne from the Cold Wars Mr. Gouzenko was just a thief and a traitor who was paid off with Canadian citizenship and an annuity from a millionaire, and we should all be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves-all except the Soviet officials who were acting quite properly. Of Mr. Gouzenko's story and book Mr. Roberts writes feelingly (p. 62): "Is this the way to a better understancling of the Soviet Union and its governors or people? Is this the way to peace? Or might it not more fairly be descnoed as 'conditioning for war,' with Igor Gouzenko the chosen instrument of the warmongers, and :f?nancial independence as the pay~off for the Soviet traitor, the penitentiary for the Canadian?" Mr. Roberts always strives to be impartial in this way. There may be some ground of complaint against Russia, but there is as much against the United States. If the Russian people are kept from learning the truth about us, do we know the truth about them? Perhaps the Kremlin dominates Czechoslovakia, but can anyone deny that American policy influences Canadian? Mr. Roberts visited Europe, including Russia and Czechos]ovakia , with these principles to guide him, and tells what he saw, heard, and thought. He reports with gusto his man-to-man talks with little people in the Communist world but admits that he often found it difficult and embarrassing when he tried to justify the actions of the West. Perhaps he was not a very suitable advocate. CHECK-LIST OF TITLES FoRD (G. H.) ed., The Pickersgill letters: written by Frank Pickersgill during the period 1934-1943, with a memoir (Toronto, Ryerson, x, 229 pp., $4.00). GouzENKO (IooR), This was my choice: Gouzenko's story (Toronto, Dent, x, 324 pp., $3.00). lNFELD (LEoPoLD), Whom the gods love: the story of Evariste Galois (New York and Toronto, McGraw-Hill, xii, 323 pp., $4.00). KEYSERLINGK (R. W.), Unfinished history (London, Robert Hale; Montreal, Palm Publishers, viii, 330 pp., $3.25). KINGSFORD (M. R.), The life, work and influence of William Henry Giles Kingston (Toronto, Ryerson, 1947, xviii, 220 pp., $4.00). MACPHERSON (STEWART), The mike and I (London, Eng., Horne & Van Thal, 191 pp., $2.25). MATHEWS (BASIL), B"ooker T. Washington: educator and interracial interpreter (Cambridge, Harvard University Press; Toronto, Book Society, xviu, 350 pp., $6.00). MooRE (CAY), She skated into our hearts; with foreword by DoNALD CRUIKSHANK. and brief on schoolfigures by OsBORNE CoLSON (Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 117 pp., $2.25). RoBERTS (LEsLIE), Home from the cold wars (Toronto, Saunders, viii, 224 pp., $3.25). SERVICE (RoBERT), Harper of heaven: a record of radiant living (New York and Toronto, Dodd Mead, x, 452 pp., $4.50). STRINGER (ARTHUR), Red wine of youth: a life of Rupert Brooke (Indianapolis and New York, Bobbs-Merrill; Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, iv, 287 pp., $4.50). 2. Literary and Critical Studies M. D. C. TAIT AND THE EDITOR In this sub-section belong two volumes of classical studies: The Wrath of Homer by L. A. MacKay and Swans and Amber: Some Early Greek Lyrics Freely Translated and Adapted by Dorothy Burr Thompson. They are reviewed by Professor M. D. C. Tait. 292 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Professor MacKay's attractively written work avowedly seeks to discover the clue to the construction of the Iliad through an examination of the economic life of the society depicted by Homer and in the light of a theory (suggested at least in part by this examination) as to the provenance of the chief legends which Homer used for his own artistic purposes . With a different approach the author here attempts to solve the problem with which C. M. Bowra dealt in his Tradition and Design in the Iliad. In the first of three chapters Mr. MacKay supports the view that Homeric society had already passed from an agrarian to an urban stage, in which industry, trade, and commerce were important factors. The trade followed two main routes, the first, dominated by the "Achaeans," through Mycenae and Pylos up the west coast of Greece into the Adriatic; the second passed up the west...


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