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286 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Ontario (Bulletin of the Museums, no. 7; London, University of Western Ontario, Museum of Indian Archaeology1 18 pp.). KEIRSTEAD (B.S.), The theory of economic change (Toronto, Macmillan, xii, 386 pp., $5.00). LA VIOLETTE (F. E.), The Canadian Japanese and World War II: a sociological and psychological account (To· ronto, University of Toronto Press for the Canadian Institute of International Affairs x, 332 pp., $3.75). LoGAN (H. A.), Trade unions in Canada: -their developmen; and functioning (Toronto, Macmillan, xxii, 639 pp., $4.75). LoGAN (H. A.) and INMAN (M. K.), A social approach to economics; 2nd ed. rev. and enlarged (Toronto, University of Toronto Press-Saunders, xx, 757 pp., $5.50). McEACHERN (R. A.), Putting your dollars to work (Toronto, Oxford, xii, 347 pp., $3.00). MclLWRAITH (T. F.), The Bella Coola Indians; 2 vols. (Toronto, University of Toronto PressSaunders , xxii, 763, xii, 672 pp., $15.00). MciNNIS (EDGAR) and REID (J. H. S.), The English-speaking peoples: a modern history (Toronto, Dent, xiv, 514, xix pp., $5.00). NEEDLER (G. H.) ed., Suppression of the rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885, by General Sir Fred Middleton; preface by MALCOLM W. WALLACE (University of Toronto studies, History and economics series, vol. XI; Toronto, University of Toronto Press, xx, 80 pp., $2.00 paper, $2.50 cloth). NICHOLS (M. E.), (CP), the story of the Canadian Press; with a foreword by LEONARD W. BROCKINGTON (Toronto, Ryerson, xvi, 327 pp., $5.00). PIERS (HARRY), The evolution of the Halifax fortress, 1749-1928; rev., ed. and completed with appendices, bibliographies and index: by G. M. SELF with the assistance of PHYLLIS BLAKELEY under the direction of D. C. HARVEY (Halifax, Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1947, xii, 155 pp., $2.00). PoPE (SIR JosEPH), Memoirs of the Right Honourable Sir John Alexander Macdonald, G.C.B., first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada; new ed. (Toronto, Musson, 1947, 816 pp., $3.50). *RICH (E. E.) ed., Part of dispatch from George Simpson Esqr, Governor of Ruperts Land, to the Governor & Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company, London, March 1, 1829, continued and completed March 24 and June 5, 1829; with an introduction by W. STEWART WALLACE (Hudson's Bay Company series; Toronto, Champlain Society, 1947, li.i, 280, xvi pp.). RICKARD (T. A.), Historic backgrounds of British Columbia (Victoria, the author, 33 Sylvan Lane, xiv, 358 pp., $3.50). RosE (W. J.), Poland old and new (London, Bell; Toronto, Clarke Irwin, xi, 354 pp., $6.50). SANDERSON (C. R.) ed., The Arthur papers: being the papers, mainly confidential, private, and semi-official of Sir George Arthur, K.CJI., last Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, .in the manuscript collection of the Toronto Public Libraries; part II (Toronto, Toronto Public Libraries and University of Toronto Press, 1947, pp. 241-488, $1.00). *SHARP (P. F.), The agrarian revolt in western Canada: a survey showing American parallels (Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, x, 204 pp., $3.50). URWICK (E. J.), The values of life; ed. with an intro- .ductory essay on his social philosophy by JoHN A. IRVlNG (Toronto, University of Toronto Press-Saunders, lxvi, 244 pp., $3.50). WALLACE (ELISABETH) ed., Readings in British government (Toronto, University of Toronto Press-Saunders, xxiv, 443 pp., $5.25). WILKINSON (B.), The constitutional history of England, 1216-1399, with select documents: vol. I, Politics and the constitution, 1216-1307 (Toronto, Longmans Green, xx, 240 pp., $2.75). V . BIOGRAPHICAL, CRITICAL, AND MI.SCELLAl'\iEOUS WRITINGS THE EDITOR AND OTHERS This final section of the survey of English-Canadian letters is the composite work of seven contributors. Once again the plan has been adopted of introducing sub-headings (with arabic numerals) to indicate the different areas in the section and the respective reviewers. But as usual it has not been possible to find a satisfactory place for every book. The two works LETTERS IN CANADA: 1948 287 which Dr. A. Vibert Douglas has reviewed, on the general field of rnathe~ rnatics and physics, have been separated: one will be found among the biographies, the other in the final sub-section. G. V. Ferguson's john W...


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