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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE W. H. G. ARMYTAGE, Lecturer in Education at the University of Sheffield, appears for the second time within a year as a contributor to the Quarterly. VICTOR BARNOUW is Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the University of Buffalo. CLAUDE T. BisSELL is Assistant to the President of the University. E. K. BRoWN, Professor of English in the University of Chicago, was formerly on the Editorial Committee of the Quarterly and has been (like Professor Brady) a contributor to "Letters in Canada" from its inception. D. W. BuCHANAN is co-editor of Canadian Art. He has also been a valued contributor to "Letters in Canada" for many years. A. VIBERT DouGLAS is Deat;t of Women at Queen's University. CHARLES W. DuNN, who is preparing for publication a study of the Scottish Gaelic settlements in the Maritime Provinces, is Lecturer in English in University College. HoXIE N. FAIRCHILD, Professor of English in Hunter College, is the author (among other works) of The Noble Savage ( 1928), The Romantic Quest ( 1931), and three volumes on Religious Trends in English Poetry (1939, 1942, 19'49). H. N. MACLEAN, Teaching Fellow in English, University College, served with the Canadian Army throughout the campaign in Western Europe. He has prepared for publication a history of his unit, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada. WILLIAM G. McCoLLOM is Associate ┬ĚProfessor of English and Dramatic Arts in Cleveland College, Western Reserve University. W. S. McCuLLOUGH, Associate Professor of Oriental Languages in University College, has also been a valued contributor to "Letters in Canada" for many years. M.D. C. TAIT is Associate Professor of Greek in University College. VINCENT ToVBLL is on leave from the Department of English, University College, to pursue graduate studies at Columbia University. EDITORIAL NoTE: The Editorial Committee and the Honorary Advisory Board regret to report that the greatly increased cost of printing has made it necessary for the University of Toronto Press to raise the subscription rate of the Quarterly for the first time in the life of the journal. The new rates are: $3.00 a year; $7.50 for three years. Students enrolled in any Canadian college or university may subscribe at onehalf the above rates. ...


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