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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE DARREL ABEL is in the English Department at Franklin and Marshall College. H. BoESCHENSTEIN, Professor of German in University College~ has just pub~ lished a study of Gottfried Keller. ELIZABETH BREWSTER is a Graduate Assistant in the English Department at Indiana University. JoHN GRAHAM is a Fellow in English in University College. WALTER E. HoUGHTON is Professor of English at Wellesley College. H. L. KEENLEYSIDE, Deputy Minister of Mines and Resources, came to know and admire the late Fiorello LaGuardia when they were fellow-member• of the Canada-United States Permanent Joint Board on Defence. CECIL LEWIS is Professor of German in Trinity College. MARcus LoNG is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the University. KENNETH MAcLEAN, a graduate of Yale, is Associate Professor o( English in Victoria College. Sm. ERNEST MAcMILLAN is Dean of the Faculty of Music and conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. H. S. WILSON is Associate Professor of English in University College. A. S. P. WoooaousE, Professor of English in University College and Editor of the Quarterly for about fifteen of its eighteen years, must need no introduction to our readers. M. ST. A. WooDSIDE, a graduate of the University and of Oxford1 is Professor of Ancient History in Victoria College. ...


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