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I· ·! ! · . t !'. .. . ,.. I i' I ' ; I I ' I ' . .'.' , ' · I I ' CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE CI.AUDE T. BissELL ·is Assistant Professor of English in University College. NoR.THROP FRYE, Associate Professor of English in Victoria College; is the author of Femjul Symmetry, a Study of William Blake (1947) which we expect t.o rev_ iew in our next issue. R. S. KNox is Professor of English .in University College. SAMUEL A. B. MERCER .was formerly Pr.ofessor of Semitic Languages and Egyptology in Trinity College. l WILLIAM 0. RAYMOND is Profes'sor of English in Bishop's University. WILLIAM RoBBINS is Professor of English in the University of British Colu~bia. GoRDON RoPER is Associate Professor of English in Trinity College. I LLOYD Ross is Director of Public Relations in the Minis.try of Post-War Reconstruction for Australia. 1 ' • 1 D. B. SAVA~ is.a Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics in the University and Univer- . · sit'y College. · · ~ ' J. E. SHAW, who was until r~cently Professor of Italian and Spanish in the University , is the authcr (among other works) of Essays o_ n the Vilt~ Nuova. ARTHUR CoLBY SPR.(I.GU-E of Bryn Mawr College has written exten:s:vely on . English drama ,and st.age history. FRANK H. UNDERHILL is Professor of History in the University. H. S. WILSON is Associate Professor of English in University College. L.-~:_____ ,, ..~f' }- . .' .1 . ~ J: .' ( ' I l l I ' ' t I', !.. •·- --·~ -- ...


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