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LAST WORDS I David lgnatow Look, I'm fighting this, I have heartache, I think of breaking into quivering chunks, but this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to stay busy, I'm going to think about you, but I'll write a poem; I'll keep a job. People will come to visit me at home and be warmly received. I will not let conversation stay too long on you over coffee. They'll hear me tell straightforwardly your condition and what we hope for and what the doctor has said and how you looked at our last visit. They will not hear me ask for sympathy. I will not go further than what their questions warrant. There is your sister to take care of and your mother who is ill, as it is, over you. I'll make it plain by my firm tone that I will not despair and that there is nothing else but to believe in you so that you will look on me in wonder and I will look back in expectation. T h e M is s o u r i R eview • 11 ...


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