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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE JOHN ALFORD is Professor of Fine Art in the Uni versi ty. FRANK ALLEN, Professor Em~rjtus of Physics in the University of Manitoba, is an old and valued contributor to the QUARTERLY. FRANK W. BEARE, of the staff of the Presbyterian College, Montreal, is at presen t lecturing in New Testament at the Union Theological Seminary, New York. E. K. BROWN) formerly of the English Department in University College and an editor of the QUARTERLY, and now Professor of English in the University of Chicago, is the author of On Canadian Poetry (1943). A. F. B. CLARK) a graduate of the University and of Harvard, and Professor of French in the University of British Columbia, is the Ruthor of Boileau and the FrmcJl Classical Critics in Engltmd and Jean Racine. SlR FRED CLARKE is Director of the lnsti tute 'of Education in the Universi t}' of London. BEATR]CE CORRIGAN is a graduate of the University and a student of French and Italian Ii terature. Roy DANJEl-LS is Professor of English in the University of Manitoba. EGBERT Mt:NzER is a member of the Department of Political Economy in the University. AUARDYCE NICOLL, Head of the Department bf Dra~a in Yale University, is now with the British Embassy in \Vashington. ' B. K. SANDWELL, Editor-in-Chief of Saturday NigM. is the author of TIle Canadian Peoples (1940. EOMOND TURCOTTE, Editor-in-Chief of Le Canada, is the author of Re.ttexions sur l'Aomir des Canadiel1J Fran~aiJ (1942). \Y. S. \VALLACE is the Librarian of the Universjty, EDITORS' NOTES The QUARTERLY'S new cover was procured by the Advisory Board) which appointed a committee headed by Professor Barker Fairley. The design was made by Mr. Thoreau Macdonald, to whom the grateful acknowledgments of the QUARTERLY are due. The Editors also wish to announce that a memorial article on the work of the late George Sidney Brett will appear in the July issue of the QUARTERLY. ...


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