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LETTERS IN CANA DA , 1939 349 social and t!conomic conditions of Dominion (Ottawa, KP, xlviii, I190pp., $1.50); Census of Manitoba, 1936: occupations, unemployment, r.:arnings and employ. ' mene, households and families (Ottawa, KP, 1938, xl, 465pp., 50c.) ; Survey of librari es in Canada, 1936-38 (Part 11J of Biennial survey of e.ducation in Canada, 1936-38; Ottowa, KP, 74pp., 35c.), Canada, Dominion of. Canadian Government editorial style manual (Ottawa, KP, vi, 177pp.). Canada, Library of Parliament. Annual supplement to catalogue 0(: classified list of all books.~nd pamphJt!ts added to library from J an. ht [0 Dec. Jls~, 1938 (Ottawa, KP, Xl i, 179pp.). Canadian almanac and legal and"court directory for yetr 1939, ed. H ORACE C. COR NEA. (Toronto, Copp Clark, 688pp., $6.00). Cana· dian annual review of public affairs (ur VI Fb). Canadian Historical Review. Arcli.ives and libraries C 112( J68}j Canadian historical societies (110~12, 364.7. 465-6); [List of) Recent pub icalions reJatiDg to Canada (81.96, 229-46, 339·58, 441-62); T. F. MchwR..AITH, (Publicacions on) Ethnology, anthropology, and archaeology (March 96-106). Caoadlan Journal of Economics and' Political Science. Bibliograpby of current publications on Canadian economics (139-50 27.3-84, 440-50, 564-76). Canadia n parliamentary guide, 1939, ed. A. l. NOR.MAN DI ..... (Hull, P.Q., Labour £xchange. 718pp., $4.00). 6000 facts about Canada. 1939 ed. (Toronto, Ontario Pub. Co., iv, 92pp., 35c.).· Gregory (W.) ed., International congresses and conferences, 1840-1937: union' list of their publications available in libraries of United States and Canada (N. Y., H. W. Wilson, 1938, 229pp.). ~riffi.o (G. G.) et aL, Writings on Aroerican history, 1934: bibliography of books and articles on United States and Canadian history published during year 1934, with some memoranda on other portions of America (Washington, D.C., Government Pro Office, 1938, xxxiv, 463l?p., $1.00); Same, 1935 (xxxii~ 563pp., $1.25). Mac.Kerracher (Christina), BIbliography of impMJ\[S in London , Ontario (London, Ont.! Library School, Univ. of Western Ontario, 28pp. typewritten). MeKJm's directory of Canadian publications,. 1939, ed. 32 (Montreal, McKim 484pp. $3.00). Murray (Elsie M.). Bibliog. raphyof works by Geora:e MaclcinDon Wrong (Toronto, Library School, U. of T.t 1938, lOpp. typewriuen). "'O'Brien (E. J.) ed., Best short stories, 1939, ana Yearbook of American short story (Boston, Houghton Mifflin, xviJ. 464pp.; Yearbook includes Canadian short story ; Revd. NYT June 4). · roleman· (H. I. ), Census of Indic manuscriptS in United Stones and Canada (American oriental series XII; New Haven, Conn., American Oriental Society). 1938, xxix, 542pp.). Quebec, Province of, Statistical year book, 1938 (\.luebec KP, xxxiii, 450pp.). Regional Libraries Commission, Libraries for Nova Scotia (Halifax,9pp.). Roberts (SirCbarles G. D.) nnd Tunnell (Arthur L.) eds., Canadian who's who: handbook of Canadian biography of living characters, vol. IIlI 1938.19~9 (T oronto, Tran&. Can.a~ a Press, xxx, nopp.! $1.5.00). Roral Canadlan Institute. Supplement to JOInt cata ogue of penochcaIs and senals in libraries of city of ToroDto, Canada: showing items contai ned in Library of Royal Canadian I nstitute in addition to those serials listed in 1934 issue of Catalogue (Toronto, I nstitute, 21pp. mimeo.). Royal Society of Canada, List of officers and members and minu{e~ of proceedings, 1939 (Toronto, U. of T . Press, {iv), 221pp.). Sykes (W. J.). Music and books on music in Carnegie Public Library of Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa, Library, 156pp.). Thompson (Claude Willett), William Wood, b.C.L., F.R.S.C., Canadian historian and author: bibliography, forty years of study and writIng 1896-1936; issued in connection with paper about this author delivered before St J ames Literary Society, MontreaJ (Mon ueal, Society, 12pp. mimeo.). --Thomson (S. Harrison), Progress of medieval studies in United Sta tes and Canada (BuU~ no. 14; Boulder, Colo., Univ-. of Colorndol 74pp.). Toronto Public Libraries. Biography and travel: books for youth (19pp.); B.ooks on printing crafts in Toronto Public Library, 1939 (67pp.); Canadian catalogue of books published in Canada, about Canada, as well as those written by Canadians, with imprint of 1938, No. 17 (55pp., SOc.); Music in modern life (4pp,); Reading in Toronto. 1938: being fifty·fifth...


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