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of Nova " The Alumni Cantabrigiensis, J. MAX it and oudook. I SAMUEL GOTT K. "The Authorship 1917, ser. 3, I, p. 225. See also Venn and Venn, I'Iml'lrl(1P'f'. 1922: art. Samuel. . 211 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO that his views were OD'Do~:;ed "'Hist. MSS. Comm.) 13th Rpt., Appen. p. 226. 3Ibid., p. 243. Venn and ul supra. 4Thomas Burton) Parliamenlary ed. J. Rutt, 1828, p. 57. liThe Remonstrance is printed in Whitelocke, Memorials of Eng/jsll London, 1732, p. 651. 'Letter of Colonel Morley to Sir John Trevor, i~ Stale .....V'.!..IVH, 1742, p. 490. PURITANISM AND POETRY: SAMUEL GOTT 213 Last Years of the pp. 19 fr. in English Historical Reoiew, 1901, p. 737. BHist. MSS. Comm.) 13th Rpt.) Appen. p.343. ~Letter from Samuel -Gatt to Samuel Jeake in Extrac/s from the of Samuel ed. T. W. W. Smart; in Sussex Archeo!. Soc. 1857, IX. p. 58. ibid., p. 59. p.56. 125. K. Jones, ul supra" p. 236. 13Bodleian MSS.: Add. D. 105: Dr John part of a letter from Samuel Gatt, fol. 34: Dr John Wallis, CIA for an Artificial Correspondence, fot 35; Oct. 19) 1668. on Mr. Gatt's 214 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY died. He was buried at lIiNOVAE SOLYMAE LIBRI SEX. Typis Joannis Legati. MDCXLVIIJ. 16NOVAE SOLYMAE LIBRI SIVE INSTITUTIO CHRISTIANI. 1. DE PUERITIA. DE CRF:ATI0NE MUNDI. 3. DE JavENTuTE. 4. DE PECCATO. 5. DE VnuLI AETATE. 6. DE REDEMPTIONE HOMINIS. Cujus opus, siudio cur lantum inani? ~ui et frueris, esse tuum. Londini: Typis Johannis 17Jones, tlf supra, p. 225. 18NOfJ4 Ihe Idtal City, or Jerusalem Regained. An Anonymous Romance Written in the Time of Charles I, noW Drawn from Obscurity, and Attributed to the Illustrious John 'Milton. With Introduction, Literary Essays, and t1 by the Reverend Walter . London (John Murray); New York 1902. In two volumes. The original is not "with translation." The transla.tion itself is incom,pletej omissions are not noted. correct as to matter" the spirit of the version is quite unlike the competent and unaffected Latin of the original. See C. H. Firth's comments in the Church Reoiew, 1903, p. 101. lOAN ESSAY THE TRUE HAPPINESS OF MAN. IN TWO BOOKS. London. Printed by Rob. White .•. 1650. PURITANISM AND POETRY: SAMUEL GaTT 215 Divine History of the Genesis of the Worid.20 Like Nova Solyma, this was intended as a tentative issue. In the Premonition to the Reader, prefixed to the volume, Gott states that he "exposes it, such as it is, among my own countrymen, from whom I willingly expect many learned observations and critical reflections which will help me to perfect and prepa:re it for another language.!) His death in the following year prevented the appearance of a Latin version. Among the which he sent out for criticism was one which he presented to Peter Gunning, Bishop of Chichest~r. This volume now rests in the Library of St. John's College, Cambridge . A Latin autograph letter and a series of distichs on different schools of philosophy are prefixed to it.21 A manuscript essay on The Waters above the Firmament is appended. Gunning had graduated from Cambridge in the same year as Gott, but from Clare Hall. He was an ardent Royalist. Gott found common ground with him, however, in condemning the theories of Copernicus , and in fears lest experimental science might undermine the revealed truths of religion. It was probably their mutual support of the Ptolemaic position which led Gott to submit his History of Genesis to Gunning. In this volume Gott rejects the new·astronomy and seeks to justify the old. Nevertheless his views are the more liberal of the two. For example, he praised the Royal Society, while Gunning opposed its foundation. Gott is also credited with a fourth work, Parabolae Evangeiicae Latine Redditae, etc., which was published not later than 1650. Unfortunately no copy of these paraphrases has been dis.covered. In October, 1668, Gott states, in the letter to Dr John Wallis, that he has completed lea Rhapsody of some Juvenile Poems." These he has given to his son Peter, a pupil at Tonbridge School, and the Master...


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