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I I cannot turn a ..L>U'AAU.""'U I can upon my eyes and ears and him to to that of my prC:C1ece5;SOJrS Shy. Three thousand ducats; well. Bass. Ay, for three;months. Shy. For three manths; well. Bass. For the as I told you, Antonio shaH be bound. Shy. Antonio shall become well. Bass. you stead me? Will you ShaH know your answer? SIIY. Three thousand ducats three and Antonio bound. Bass. Your answer to that. Shy. is a g60d man. There been no el1lrnUlary remark Bassanio in scene 1, Try what my Therefore go can in Venice do; in scene 2 we have been in .....,\..U~.VJ.H_, It 139 Antonio's word to 140 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY which is not BasJ. Have you heard any imputation to the contrary? Shy. no, !lO, no) no. My meaning in saying that he is 11. good man is to have understand me that he is sufficient. Yet his means are in suphe hath an argosy bound to another to the Indies; I understand, moreover, upon the he has 11. third at a fourth for and other ventures he squand'red abroad. But are hut boards, sailors but men; there be land-rats and water-rats, water. thieves and I mean and then there is the of waters, winds) a.nd rocks. The man is, nOI:w!thstarld!lng, sufficient. Three thousand ducats; I think I may take his bond. may take the bond: .JLU"..,L.""OL, any sort of and asks I and now are not, as prl~te:ndlea to identical. SHAKESPEARE'S JEW 141 Had the lender's further purpose remained longer or more completely a mystery, it is doubtful if the full impressjon of the tone and manner of his speech could have been produced. By his repetitions the Oriental wraps and muffles his purpose up, keeping the Christians, though not the audience) in the dark. But what does he mean by "Ho) no, no, no) no"? 'It is an effusive disavowal of anything like an imputation; as he presently says, with a sinuous, insidious rhythm, to Antonio himself when he appears, ',/1 would be friends with you, and have your love." To Bassanio now he has only given the merchant's "commercial rating." Good he has not really called him-"my meaning in saying that he is a good man is to have you understand me that he is sufficient." By his quick reiterated interjections the stately gravity of his demeanour has been broken; and now upon them comes this devious, specious reassurance. But after that sly rising inflection, the rhythm takes a fillip-"Yet his means are in supposition"-and we prick up our ears. The whole sentence breathes uncertainty and expectancy, with perhaps a financier's contempt for a merchant's "venture", a Hebrew's scorn for a Christian's prodigal folly, in the retarded movement of "squand'red abroad." The accursed traffic for himl Immediately thereupon the pace of his thought is resumed and a~celerated) and he runs from one concrete anticipation to another, the metaphors being not of the prettiest! In the midst he stops to explain one of them-"I mean pirates;" but only to run on again-I/and then thtte is the peril of waters, winds, and rocks." With that he reins himself in; and pursing his lips) pulling at his beard) lifting his eyebrows, he surprisingly, but not too positively, comes back to the opinion from which he started: "The man is, notwithstanding, su'fficient. Three thousand ducats; I think I may take his bond." These are strange ways for business, meant, evidently, to be the crafty and devious ones of them that wear the' gaberdine, money-changers of the Temple. II In the subsequent long aside or soliloquy, mentioned above, Shylock gives his reasons for hating Antonio-his being a Christian, his bringing down the rate of interest by lending gratis, his" hatred of our sacred nation, his railing on me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift, which he calls interest." All of these reflect upon 142 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Shylock, not Antonio, particularly in Shakespeare·s and...


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