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THIS ERNEST BARKER is the Professor of Pori tical Science at among other works, of Greek Political Theory State and and Olivcr Cromwell and the English (1937). He was a contributor to the first issue of the QUARTERLY. CHARLES A. Jr. is Professor of Economics in the of Caufornia . He is the author of Labor Policy of the U.S. author of Trust and Corporation Problems and editor of Labor and Other Economic Essays oj Henry R. Seager (1931). J. P. HUMPHREY is a lecturer in Roman and Administrative Law in the Faculty of Law of McGill University. THEOPHlLE J. Professor of Oriental Languages in University is the author of Hebrew Origins to which his paper in this number is related. a graduate of the engaged on a study of in Puritan thought. W. D. a British servant, is Chairman of the Council of the British Institute of Public A. J. M. SMITH, a graduate of McGill English in State to the anl~hology mental poetry pubW:)hed in Canada. is an Assistant Professor of He was one of the seven contributors and has had distinguished and the United States as ELMER EDGAR STOLL, Professor of English in the University of Minnesota, delivered the Alexander Lectures in the University in 1935. As a Shake~ spearean scholar he requires no introduction to readers of the QUARTERLY, E. A. WALKER, Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval at formerly George V Professor of History in the University of Capetown. He is the author of The Great Trek and W. P. Schreiner, a South Ajrican (1937). J. S. WILL, Professor of French in is the au thor of A History oj French Protestantism, 1598-1629. On his initiative the University's first senes of lectures on Comparative Literature was delivered last year. ...


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