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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE FRANK ALL£N is Professor and Head 0"( the Department of Physics In the University of Manitoba.. " DAVID BIDNEY) a graduate of the University and of Yale, is a member of the Department of Philosophy, Yeshiva College, New York. G. S. BU:TT, Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy a"nd Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in the University, was the first editor oC [he QUARTl>R.LY. P. L. CARVE-It, formerly Assistant Professor of English in the University of Manitoba, has recentJy edited The"Comedy oj Alo/as/us- Trans/flied from " Ihe Latin oj Fullonjus by 70hn Ptzlslrave for the Early"English Text S~ci~ty. JOHN W. DAFOE, Edicor-in-ehief of tne Winnipeg Free Prus and Chancellor of "the University of Manitoba, is the author of critical studies of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Clifford Sifton, Bnd of Canl1da on /fmn-ican No/ion (1935). He is a member of the Royal Commission recently appointed to consider federal-provincial relations. LEON" EOEL is the aucbor o( Henry James: Ln Ann/a Dromatiqucs and T}u: " Prefaces oj Henry James. He has been awarded a. Guggenheim Fellowship to prepare n complete edition of James's plays. R. FLE:NJ.~Y, Professor of History ill the Universi ty, has recently published in collaboration with W. N. Weech World Hisferry: The Growlh oj Wtslern CiDi/izat;on (1936). G. B. KING is Professor of New Testament Language and Literature in Manitoba College. N. F. LAt-;"OFOJlD, a graduate of the University, is now a student of theology at Emmanuel CoUege, Toronto. E. F. SCOTT, Professor of New Testament Literature in the Uruon Theological Seminary, New York, ia the author, among other works, of Th£ Epi.Jt/e to Ihe Hebrews (1922), CommmJary on C%ssians and EpJUJians (19.30), and The Li/erature ()J 'he Ntw TeJ/amtnJ (1933), ...


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