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CONTRIBUTOR, S TO THIS ISSUE MARIUS BARBEAU, of the National Museum of Canada, is one of the leading authorities on French-Canadian culture. His writings include Indian Days in 'he Canadian Rockies; The Downfall of Temlaham; and Cornelius Krieghoff· E. K. BROADUS, Professor and Head of the Department of English in the Uni. versity of Alberta, is equally well known as scholar and as man of letters. E. K. BROWN, until recently Assistant Professor of English in University College, and Joint-Editor of the QUAR.TERLY, is now Professor and Head of the Department of English in the University of Manitoba. But he retains his connection with the QUARTERLY as an Associate Editor. To record this happy fact, we depart from our usual practice of omitting the names of editorial contributors. BERNARD LANDE COHEN, who practises law in Montreal, is a careful observer of foreign affairs, and has contributed articles to the North American Review and other periodicals. ALISON EWART, General Editor of the University Press, is the compiler of the valuable current bibliographies in the Canadian Historical R~view and the Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science. Sir FREDERIC KENYON, G.B.E., K.C.B., F.B.A., President of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and former Director of the British Museum, is one of the world's leading authorities ·on the manuscripts of the Bible. His writings include Our Bible and the Ancient MSS.) with many ~ther books and articles on rela ted subj ects, and Aristotle's Constitution of Athens. W. S. MILNE, a 'graduate of the University, is a keen student of the drama in Canada, on which he has writt~n extensively. JOHN L. SYNGE is Professor of Applied Mathematics in the University, and the author of many scientific papers on geometry, dynamics, and relativity. ...


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