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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE FRANK ALLEN, Professor and Head of the Department of Physics in the University of Manitoba, has written a general exposition of relativity (The Uni.erse, 1931) and is engaged in studies .in the measurement of sensation. JOSEPH WARREN BEACH, Professor of English in the University of . Minnesota, is the author of several works ori fiction, among which are The Twentieth Century Novel (1932) and books on Meredith, Hardy, and J ames. G. S. BRETT, Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy in the University of Toronto and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, was .formerly Editor-in-Chief of the QUARTERLY. BARKER F AIRLEY was Professor of German in University College, Toronto, until his recent appointment to the Simon chair of German in the University of Manchester. He is the author of the centenary study; Goethe as Revealed in his Poetry. D. A. MACGIBBON, one of the Grain Commissioners for Canada. has written the authoritative work Tht Canadian Grain Trade (1932) . JACQUES MARITAIN, Professor of Philosophy at the Institut Catholique in Paris and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Mediaeval Studies of St. Michael's College, Toronto, is one of the masters of contemporary Catholic·thought. PAUL ELMER MORE, sometime Editor of the Nation (New York), is the author of the celebrated Shelburne Essays and of The Greek Tradition. HERBERT L. STEWART' is Professor of Philosophy in Dalhousie University and Editor-in-Chief of the Dalhousie Review. . His most recent book is A Century of AngloCatholicism (1932). ALFRED ZIMMERN) Professor of International Relations in the University of Oxford and Director of the Geneva School of International Studies, is the author of The Greek City State. i I ! ...


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