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THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY CONTENTS-VOL. I I 93I -2 No.1 Editorial 3 Foreword Su. RoBERT FALCONER 4 The Problem of Spiritual Authority in England E. BARKER 5 Energy and Action · A. S. EvE 38 The Early Architecture of Ontario E. R. ARTHUR 54 The Iceberg-Poem CH!\RLES G. D. RoBERTS 77 Homeric Technique E. T. OwEN 86 Ugo .Foscolo and Some Englishmen A. S. NoAD 105 -The Drift of Modern Fiction PELHAM EDGAR 123 No.2 Seeing the Invisible E. F. BultTON 143 Indian Prehistory as revealed by Archaeology DIAMOND JENNESS 164 South America and Imperial Problems C. R. FAY 183 The Indians of the Prairies and the Rockies M. BARBEAU 197 The City of the Umbrian Griffin W. H. ALEXANDER 207 Wordsworth's Vision of Immortality A Writer's Classification of Writers and their work G. WILSON KNIGHT 216 F. PHILIP GROVE 236 No.3 Goethe: An Estimate Goethe's Place in the History of Science Greek Comedy Civilization versus Culture Matthew Arnold and the Elizabethans Marjorie Pickthall No.4·The Popula~ion Possibilities of Canada Canada's Resources in Development Nightfall on the Edge of the Jungle The Ideas in Kipling's Poetry Thomas Hardy Time: From the Astronomer's Standpoint H. WALTER 259 G. S. BRETT 279 W. D. WooDHEAD 300 R. M. MACIVER 316 E. K. BROWN 333 w. E. COLLIN 352 DIAMOND j ENNESS 387 C. H. MITCHELL 424 OsKAR KLoTz 451 LIONEL STEVENSON 467 F. PHILIP GROVE 490 A. V. DouGLAS 508 : 'i r I I I i I I I i I I i ! f I I I ~ I i I : i :1 I I I I l ...


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