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  • Poems by Fred Moten, read at “Cruising the Horizon:Remembering the Life, Work, and Legacy of José Esteban Muñoz,” January 7, 2014, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
  • Fred Moten (bio)

wait for it

you remain the future in our present like an accent pause that gramsci had to measure. living better now that double tap stop till then till that is your time we’re in love with waiting. we can’t so we can surprise so we can

attend and take urgent care. the erotic cure, which shows up as, which gives us, so that it ought to give us, pause is our propulsion. who do what’s been done can’t wait for it and can’t walk off. who recognize the

future don’t wait on us, but because they don’t know about service, about what it is to be an instrument, decide they just ain’t gon’ wait. they miss something, they missing something, our liveness in reverb, this re:

that we refer to something, that we regard something, that we in regard to something else. they tell us what they think they know and we wait till they understand. I’m tired of waiting till they understand. see you later.


To frequent, to gather, to solemnize in joy, to enjoy, to sing praise, to practice, to assemble in disassembly, to be quietly populous, to publish intimately, to repeat this often, to José Esteban Muñoz, originally of the mass. [End Page 421]

Fred Moten

Fred Moten teaches at the University of California, Riverside.



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