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  • Index: Volume 36, 2013

Álvarez, David. “Recording Daily Life in the Margins of History and of the Nation: Rachid Nini’s Diary of a Clandestine Migrant.” 36.1 (Winter): 148–79.

———. “Representing Baleful Specters and Uncanny Repetitions: Life Writing and Imperialism’s Afterlives.” 36.1 (Winter): 10–26.

Balaghi, Shiva. “Silenced Histories and Sanitized Autobiographies: The 1953 CIA Coup in Iran.” 36.1 (Winter): 71–96.

Brown, Megan C. “Learning to Live Again: Contemporary US Memoir as Biopolitical Self-Care Guide.” 36.2 (Spring): 359–75.

Delisle, Jennifer Bowering. “‘Iraq in My Bones’: Second-Generation Memory in the Age of Global Media.” 36.2 (Spring): 376–91.

Douglas, Kate, and Pamela Graham. “Go Back to Where You Came From: Stunt Documentary, Conversion Narrative, and the Limits of Testimony on Australian Television.” 36.1 (Winter): 124–47.

Foley, Barbara. “Biography and the Political Unconscious: Ellison, Toomer, Jameson, and the Politics of Symptomatic Reading.” 36.4 (Fall): 649–71.

Hassan, Salah D. “Baleful Postcoloniality and Auto/Biography.” 36.1 (Winter): 1–9.

———. “Passing Away: Despair, Eulogies, and Millennial Palestine.” 36.1 (Winter): 27– 50.

Lawrance, Benjamin N. “‘Your poor boy no father no mother’: ‘Orphans,’ Alienation, and the Perils of Atlantic Child Slave Biography.” 36.4 (Fall): 672–703.

Markle, Seth M. “Brother Malcolm, Comrade Babu: Black Internationalism and the Politics of Friendship.” 36.3 (Summer): 540–67.

McDufffie, Seth L., and Komozi Woodard. “‘If you’re in a country that’s progressive, the woman is progressive’: Black Women Radicals and the Making of the Politics and Legacy of Malcolm X.” 36.3 (Summer): 507–539.

Moore-Gilbert, Bart. “‘Baleful Postcoloniality’ and Palestinian Women’s Life Writing.” 36.1 (Winter): 51–70.

Njoroge, Njoroge. “‘He the One We All Knew.’” 36.3 (Summer): 485–93.

Olguín, B. V. “From Counter to Hegemonic: Re-Mapping Ideology in Latina/o Life Writing from the War on Terror.” 36.1 (Winter): 180–210.

Partnoy, Alicia, in Collaboration. “Concealing God: How Argentine Women Political Prisoners Performed a Collective Identity.” 36.1 (Winter): 211–41.

Polk, Khary. “Malcolm X, Sexual Hearsay, and Masculine Dissemblance.” 36.3 (Summer): 568–84.

Quendler, Christian. “A Series of Dated Traces: Diaries and Film.” 36.2 (Spring): 339–58. [End Page 912]

Shankar, S. “Thugs and Bandits: Life and Law in Colonial and Epicolonial India.” 36.1 (Winter): 97–123.

Shea Murphy, Jacqueline, and Jack Gray. “Manaakitanga in Motion: Indigenous Choreographies of Possibility.” 36.1 (Winter): 242–78.

Wachter, Phyllis, and Aiko Yamashiro. “Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2012–2013.” 36.4 (Fall): 704–856.

Wilson, Jamie J. “‘Come down off the cross and get under the crescent’: The Newspaper Columns of Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X.” 36.3 (Summer): 494–506.


Broqua, Vincent, and Guillaume Marche, eds. L’epuisement du biographique? Reviewed by Joanny Moulin. 36.2 (Spring): 395–97.

Claycomb, Ryan. Lives in Play: Autobiography and Biography on the Feminist Stage. Reviewed by Jenn Stephenson. 36.2 (Spring): 407–410.

Dekker, Rudolf. Family, Culture and Society in the Diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr, Secretary to Stadholder-King William of Orange. Reviewed by Willemijn Ruberg. 36.4 (Fall): 857–59.

El Refaie, Elisabeth. Autobiographical Comics: Life Writing in Pictures. Reviewed by Ji-Hyae Park. 36.4 (Fall): 709–712.

Fulbrook, Mary. A Small Town near Auschwitz: Ordinary Nazis and the Holocaust. Reviewed by Avraham Barkai. 36.2 (Spring): 414–17.

Manderson, Lenore. Surface Tensions: Surgery, Bodily Boundaries, and the Social Self. Reviewed by Alison Kafer. 36.2 (Spring): 412–14.

Mansffield, Stephen. Australian Patriography: How Sons Write Fathers in Contemporary Life Writing. Reviewed by Alex Segal. 36.3 (Summer): 585–87.

Mason, Mary Grimley, with Linda Long-Bellil. Taking Care: Lessons from Mothers with Disabilities. Reviewed by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson. 36.2 (Spring): 410–412.

McLennan, Rachel. American Autobiography. Reviewed by William Boelhower. 36.2 (Spring): 397–401.

Mitchell, Verner D., and Cynthia Davis. Literary Sisters: Dorothy West and Her Circle: A Biography of the Harlem Renaissance. Reviewed by Rita Keresztesi. 36.2 (Spring): 404–407.

Phillips, Nicola. The Profligate Son: Or, A True Story of Family Conflict, Fashionable Vice and Financial Ruin in Regency Britain. Reviewed by Matthew McCormack. 36.4 (Fall): 859–62.

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