For decades, Adlerian-based parenting education programs have made a difference in the lives of millions of families throughout the world. These programs have been successful because they combine the innovations of Adler and Dreikurs in psychology with innovations in educational technology. Active Parenting demonstrates how the advent of video-based parenting education and the Internet are the latest steps in this evolution. The case is made for the importance of research to achieve an evidence-based standard for Adlerian programs. Active Parenting posits that there are five key qualities that all children need to succeed in a modern democratic society: (a) responsibility, (b) cooperation, (c) respect, (d) courage, and (e) self-esteem. The Adlerian-Dreikursian skills taught in the Active Parenting programs provide parents with the skills to instill these qualities in their children while addressing the problems and challenges of parenting. Active Parenting leaders can be found all over the world, combatting the obstacles to parenting education and ensuring that all parents feel welcomed in Active Parenting groups.


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