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Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also Palestinian Territories, Israel, Lebanon

Oct. 20: The Islamist group Hamas claimed responsibility for a tunnel, named the “Khan Yunis” tunnel, beneath the Israel-Gaza Strip border. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) first discovered the one-mile tunnel on October 13. [Reuters, 10/21]

Oct. 22: Israeli forces killed armed Palestinian militant and member of the group Islamic Jihad, Muhammad ‘Asi, in an exchange of fire when security forces came to arrest him near the West Bank village of Bil‘in. ‘Asi was wanted for suspected involvement in a November 2012 Tel Aviv bus bombing. [Reuters 10/22]

Oct. 28: Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor shot down one of two rockets fired by Palestinians in Gaza at a the Israeli port city of Ashkelon from Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The second rocket fell into the sea. In response, Israel bombed two sites in Gaza suspected to contain concealed rocket launchers. [Reuters 10/28]

Oct. 30: Israel freed 26 Palestinian prisoners, the second of four batches of prison releases that were a requisite for the resumption of peace talks. Hours later, Israel announced approval for the construction of 1,500 new settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem. [BBC, 10/30]

Nov. 1: An unnamed US official said that Israel carried out an air strike on an air defense base outside of the Syrian city of Latakia on October 31. Israel suspected that the Latakia base housed a shipment of Russian-made S-125 missiles for Hizbullah. Israel neither confirmed nor denied the report. [Haaretz, 11/1]

Gaza’s sole power plant shut down its generators due to a fuel shortage. The plant served almost half of Gaza’s 1.8 million people, and its shutdown increased the number of blackout hours in the region. [Reuters, 11/1]

Nov. 3: An Israeli “Skylark” mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crashed in northern Gaza. Hamas claimed to have shot down the drone, but the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) denied the claim, asserting instead that it experienced a technical malfunction. [BBC, 11/3]

Nov. 5: The UN halted all but one of 20 United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) projects in Gaza as a result of an Israeli ban on building material imports into Gaza. The ban was imposed following the discovery on October 13 of a smuggling tunnel between Israel and Gaza operated by Hamas. [Reuters, 11/5]

Nov. 18: The Israeli Supreme Court disclosed documents that revealed the secret detention for over three years of suspected al-Qa‘ida biological weapons expert Samir al-Baraq, [End Page 287] following his lawyer’s petition for release. The documents showed that a military court placed Baraq in administrative detention in July 2010. [BBC, 11/18, Reuters, 12/1]

Nov. 28: An Israeli court sentenced six Israeli Arabs to jail terms of up to two years for participation in the 2005 killing of a Jewish IDF deserter, after he opened fire on a bus in their town of Shafa ‘Amru in 2005, killing four. [Haaretz, 11/28]

Nov. 30: While a paramilitary border police unit searched the town of Petah Tikvah for Palestinians without permits to stay in Israel, an Israeli policeman shot and killed a Palestinian after he allegedly pulled a knife on the policeman. [Reuters, 11/30]

Dec. 2: An estimated 200 Palestinian youth activists aboard Gazan fishing boats sailed to the six-nautical-mile marine perimeter enforced by the Israeli naval blockade. Fishermen said that the limitations prevent them from meeting market demand in Gaza, and that Israeli forces have regularly shot at boats breaching the perimeter. [Reuters, 12/2]

Dec. 9: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority signed a water-sharing agreement to build a pipeline that would carry brine from a desalination plant on the Red Sea to the Dead...


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