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John Arthos is associate professor of rhetoric at Denison University. He has written over thirty journal articles and several books, including Gadamer’s Poetics: A Critique of Modern Aesthetics (2013), Speaking Hermeneutically: The Art of Understanding in the Conduct of a Life (2011), and The Inner Word in Gadamer’s Hermeneutics (2009).

Paul John Eakin is Ruth N. Halls Professor Emeritus of English at Indiana University. He has written several books on autobiography and life writing. His most recent book is Living Autobiographically: How We Create Identity in Narrative (2008).

Tilmann Köppe is professor of literary studies at the Courant Research Centre “Text Structures” at the University of Göttingen. He is the author of Literatur und Erkenntnis (2008), coauthor of Neuere Literaturtheorien (2008), and coeditor of several volumes on topics in literary theory. His research interests include literary theory, narrative theory, and philosophical aesthetics.

Timothy Melley is professor of English and director of the Humanities Center at Miami University. He is [End Page 117] the author of The Covert Sphere: Secrecy, Fiction, and the National Security State (2012), Empire of Conspiracy: The Culture of Paranoia in Post-war America (2000), and numerous essays and stories. He is currently writing about the cultural politics of terrorism.

Andrew Ng is senior lecturer at Monash University Malaysia, where he teaches contemporary literature, postcolonial writing, and theories of authorship. Specializing in gothic and horror studies, he is the author of Dimensions of Monstrosity in Contemporary Narratives (2004), Interrogating Interstices (2008) and Intimating the Sacred (2011).

David R. Shumway is professor of English and literary and cultural studies and is the founding director of the Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University. He has written Michel Foucault (1989), Creating American Civilization: A Genealogy of American Literature as an Academic Discipline (1994), Modern Love: Romance, Intimacy, and the Marriage Crisis (2003), and John Sayles (2012). His book Rock Star: The Making of Musical Icons from Elvis to Springsteen will be published in 2014. He is currently working on a book on realism across media in twentieth-century America. [End Page 118]



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