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Dissertations Recently Completed in Related Fields
Al-Masri, Khaled M. “Telling Stories of Pain: Women Writing Gender, Sexuality and Violence in the Novel of the Lebanese Civil War.” PhD diss., University of Michigan, 2010. Pp. 268.
Armiger, Jennifer J. “The Gender of Industrial Decline: Reconsidering Sex Discrimination and Equal Opportunity at Western Electric, 1965–1985.” PhD diss., University of Delaware, 2010. Pp. 399.
Bishop, James E. “Manly Natures: Masculinity and Environment in American Literature, 1782–1806.” PhD diss., University of Nevada, Reno, 2010. Pp. 197.
Dala Torre, Elena. “French and Italian Feminist Exchanges in the 1970s: Queer Embraces in Queer Time.” PhD diss., University of Michigan, 2010. Pp. 243.
Dolinsky, Rebecca C. “Lesbian and Gay DC: Identity, Emotion, and Experience in Washington, DC’s Social and Activist Communities (1961–1986).” PhD diss., University of California, Santa Cruz, 2010. Pp. 377.
Frahm, Jill. “Unclaimed Flowers and Blossoms Protected by Thorns: Never-Married Women in the United States, 1880–1930.” PhD diss., University of Minnesota, 2010. Pp. 259.
Goldstein, Elizabeth Wayne. “Impurity and Gender in the Hebrew Bible: Ideological Intersections in the Books of Leviticus, Ezekiel and Ezra.” PhD diss., University of California, San Diego, 2010. Pp. 168.
Imhoff, Sarah. “Making Jewish Gender: Religion, Race, Sexuality, and American Jews, 1910–1924.” PhD diss., University of Chicago, 2010. Pp. 236.
Mankowski, Diana L. “Gendering the Disco Inferno: Sexual Revolution, Liberation, and Popular Culture in 1970s America.” PhD diss., University of Michigan, 2010. Pp. 505.
Middleton, Irene. “Audience Communities: Early Modern Desire in Post-1956 British Performance.” PhD diss., Emory University, 2010. Pp. 327. [End Page 331]
Parry, Manon Sian. “Broadcasting Birth Control: Family Planning and Mass Media, 1914–1984.” PhD diss., University of Maryland, 2010. Pp. 292.
Payne, Sarah R. “Cleaning up after Sex: An Environmental History of Contraceptives in the United States, 1873–2010.” PhD diss., University of New Mexico, 2010. Pp. 171.
Rawson, Kelly Jacob. “Archiving Transgender: Affects, Logic, and the Power of Queer History.” PhD diss., Syracuse University, 2010. Pp. 328.
Schwamb, Sara M. B. “Tradesmen, Traitors, Pirates, and Prostitutes: Depictions of the Flemish in Later Medieval England.” PhD diss., Saint Louis University, 2010. Pp. 245.
Taylor, Mara. “Diagnosing Deviants: The Figure of the Lesbian in Sexological and Literary Discourses 1860–1931.” PhD diss., University of Pennsylvania, 2010. Pp. 495. [End Page 332]

Thanks to Prof. Jonathan Erlen of the University of Pittsburgh for this listing.