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8 Editors’ Note • We dedicate this issue of Victorian Review to the memory of Margot K. Louis (1954–2007), our colleague and friend. In keeping with Margot’s excellence in teaching and scholarship, we honour her with an issue that combines a forum on Teaching the Victorians with a special research focus on Victorian Literature and Classical Myth, both areas of passionate interest and commitment for Margot.We are delighted that Catherine Maxwell agreed to guest edit a collection of articles for this issue, breaking new ground in Margot’s own research field. We are also pleased to include forum contributions byVictorianists who share Margot’s passion for the classroom. Many of these teaching discussions were first presented at the 2007 NAVSA-VSAWC Victorian Materialities conference inVictoria, and we gratefully acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in making possible their publication here. As we approach the anniversary of her death, we celebrate Margot’s life: her love of nature, her feminism, her collegiality, her principled approach to scholarship and community, her courage in the face of disability, and her dignity and grace during her battle with cancer.We are also thrilled to announce in these pages the publication of Margot’s last work, Persephone Rises,1860–1927: Mythography, Gender, and the Creation of a New Spirituality (forthcoming from Ashgate Press, 2009). Rebecca Gagan Mary Elizabeth Leighton Judith Mitchell Lisa Surridge The Victorian Review Editor ia l Tea m ...


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