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7 Editors’ Note • In this special issue of Victorian Review, we welcome guest editor Michele Martinez, who has assembled a rich collection of articles featuring various interdisciplinary approaches to the work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. We hope that this issue heralds an increasing engagement with poetry and poetics in the pages of Victorian Review. We are excited to announce that the spring 2008 issue will feature a special forum entitled“VictorianThings.”This forum will assemble compact accounts of things common and esoteric, lower and upper class, expensive and cheap, personal and public, valued and tossed away. We have collected essays from scholars of architecture, crafts, science, fashion, sexualities, medicine, death, disability, and literature, and we anticipate an eclectic and exciting exploration of usual and unusual things. Future issues of Victorian Review will continue to feature forums—that is, collections of short essays on specific topics . Upcoming forums include“Keynotes: KeyVictorianTexts” and“Victorian Culture: Beyond Britain.” We are honoured that Catherine Maxwell has agreed to guest edit our fall 2008 special issue “Classical Mythology and Victorian Literature.” This issue celebrates the scholarly achievements and contributions of our colleague and esteemed scholar and teacher, Margot Louis. Finally, Victorian Review will now reach a growing audience of scholars thanks to our new association with EBSCO, which will publish online the journal’s full contents in searchable form. Alison Chapman Mary Elizabeth Leighton Judith Mitchell Lisa Surridge Th e Victorian Review Editor i a l Tea m ...


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