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  • Fabian NegrinItaly ⋆ Illustrator
  • Samantha Christensen

Fabian Negrin was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1963, and is now an Italian citizen. After finishing high school, he moved to Mexico city to study illustration, painting, and graphic design at Universidad Autonoma Metropolotana, during which time he began publishing illustrations and working on graphic design projects in prominent Mexican newspapers. He later completed a Master's degree in Engraving at Academia de Bellas Artes San Carlos before eventually moving to Milan. Aside from illustrating children's books, Negrin contributes illustrations to a number of Italian magazines and newspapers, and is a successful graphic designer, creating advertisement campaigns for various European companies.

Experimenting with various styles and techniques, Negri is constantly growing as an artist. The multiplicity of his illustrative styles means that his art is always changing, and it is impossible to categorize his works in any particular genre. His complex and innovative approaches create an interesting relationship between text and image, and he works to deconstruct stereotype and normativity by representing childhood through otherness. In order to get a sense of Negrin's artistic range, one must engage with his entire oeuvre, and in so doing get a sense of his broad and ever-evolving style. His apt sense of color and insight into the world of children make his books both beautiful and relatable to his young readers. His perspective tends to begin at the bottom—he mimics the perspective of children and works to present his images as they would be seen through a child's eyes.

Employing his education in graphic design, Negrin often uses technological advances in art to create unique and innovative illustrations. In his self-authored picturebook On va au parc [Let's Go to the Park], Negrin engages a form of digital printmaking—he uses stencils and paint to form images, then scans them and manipulates the colors with a computer program. His innovative style has earned him a number of awards, including the 2010 BolognaRagazzi Award for Non-Fiction and the John Burroughs Young Reader's Award for Children's Nature Writing for his picturebook The Riverbank, along with the C:J: Picturebook Award in Seoul for his illustrations in L'ombra e il bagliore [The Shadow and the Flash] in 2011. His picture-books have been translated into many languages, including French, English, Spanish, and Korean.

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