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Index to Volume XXIV C o m p i l e d b y D a n a B r u n v a n d a n d M a r in a H a l l Number 1 (May 1989) 1-100 Number 3 (November 1989) 197-292 Number 2 (August 1989) 101-196 Number 4 (February 1990) 293^104 ARTICLES AND BOOK REVIEWS -A Abalone Heart, 191 Abbey, Edward (Note) 151 Abbott, Keith, 287 Alaska: Reflections on Land and Spirit, 188 Albertini, Virgil R., ed., “Annual Bibli­ ography of Studies in Western American Literature,” 335 Alter, Judy, 194 (ed.), 289, 395 Ambrose, Jamie, 374 American West in Film: Critical Approaches to the Western, 97 American Women Writing Fiction, 284 Amplitude: New and Selected Poems, by Tess Gallagher, 85 “Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature,” edited by Virgil R. Albertini, 335 Anything for Billy, 65 Applegate, Shannon, 85 Arnold, Marilyn, ed., 193 Art of Frank Norris, Storyteller, 73 Austin, Mary, 175 -B Baja Journey: Reveries of a Sea-Kayaker, 272 Bartlett, Lee, 78, 163 Bartlett, Mary Dougherty, ed., 74 “Bazarov, Prince Hal, and the Vir­ ginian,” by Max Westbrook, 103 Bennett, Patrick, 179 Benson, Maxine, ed., 161 Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estleman, 393 Blackburn, Alexander, “Frank Waters’s The Lizard Woman and the Emer­ gence of the Dawn Man,” 121 Blood and Bones, 193 Blossoms & Bones: On the Life and Work of Georgia O’Keeffe, 191 “Blue Plums and Smoke: Loren Eiseley’s Perception of Time,” by Robert G. Franke, 147 Boissiere, Robert, 161 Born Brothers, 64 Bowden, Charles, 96 Braun, Matt, 172 Braunlich, Phyllis Cole, 180 Breaking Boundaries: Latina Writings and Critical Readings, 285 Bredahl, A. Carl, “Valuing Surface,” 113 Brown, Edward G., Jr., trans., 377 Brown, Richard A., 280 Bryant, Paul T., “Edward Abbey and Environmental Quixoticism,” 37 Buckley, Christopher, 191 Byrkit, James W., ed., 189 Index 399 -C Cactus Thorn, 175 “Cadillac Larry Rides Again: McMurtry and the Song of the Open Road,” by Janis P. Stout, 243 Caffey, David, ed., 178 Callander, Marilyn Berg, 186 Campbell, SueEllen, “The Land and Language of Desire: Where Deep Ecology and Post-Structuralism Meet,” 199 Candelaria, Nash, 68 Capps, Benjamin, 262 Carey, Robin, 272 Carpenter, Don, 187 Carver, Raymond, 63 Certain Climate: Essays in History, Arts, and Letters, 80 Charge of Angels, 396 Chester’s Last Stand, 280 Children of a Lesser Demagogue, 93 Children of the Sun: Mexican-Americans in the Literature of the United States, 377 Chrystos, 266 Clark, L. D., 396 Clayton, Lawrence, 90, 268 (ed.) Clifford, Craig, ed., 281 Cohen, Michael P., 157 Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, vol.l: 1920-1928, 82 Common Ground, 265 Conley, Robert J., 170 Constituency of Dunces, 93 Cooke, John Byrne, 277 Corpi, Lucha, 278 Coyote: Defiant Songdog of the West, 82 Coyote’s Canyon, 271 Cross a Wide River, 277 Crossing the River, 77 Crossing the River: Poets of the Western United States, 184 Crow, Charles L., “Homecoming in the California Visionary Romance,” 3 -D D ’Arcy McNickle, 163 Daniel, John, 265 Day the Cisco Kid Shot John Wayne, 68 Death of Jean-Paul Sartre and Other Poems, 93 Delia’s Song, 278 DeMott, Robert, ed., 153 Desperate Measures, 69 Dodd, Susan, 176 Downstream from Trout Fishing in America. A Memoir of Richard Brautigan, 287 Dreamers and Defenders: American Conservationists, 160 Duncan, Mark, ed., 76 Durbin, Martina, 185 -E Earthen Wayfarer: Selected Poems: 1972-1987, 191 EATS: A Folk History of Texas Foods, 275 “Edward Abbey and Environmental Quixoticism,” by Paul T. Bryant, 37 “Edward Abbey, 1927-1989,” by James R. Hepworth, 151 Edward Dorn, 163 Edward Warren, 67 Ehle, John, 177 El Condor and Other Stories, 278 Elements, 95 Elmer Kelton and West Texas: A Liter­ ary Relationship, 289 Emerald Ice, 267 Erdrich, Louise, 66 Ernest Haycox, 163 Estes, David C., 273 Estudillo, Jesus Maria, 79 Etulain, Richard W., 163 Everson, William, 82, 368 Excesses of God: Robinson Jeffers as a Religious Figure, 82, (see also “Letters to the Editor”) Exploring Western Americana, 379 -F Farah , Cynthia, 269 Faraway Places, 174 Fife, Alta, ed., 379 Fife, Austin, 379 Finney, Ernest J., 390 400 Western American Literature Fire on the Rim: A Firefighter’s...


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