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  • Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
  • Lauren Clark (bio)


While you are out of town   in Italyfor the wedding,

I am going to paint all the walls of the new house white.

I begin by standing in the western-facing front door

                                              as the sun setsand envisioning everything awash in white. The house                                              my ship, ship-shaped,in clean virginal light.Looking                                 steeringeast,                                       toward the Atlantic oceanI can see the backyard.

And there they are: the robins of late winter.I know                                   I know by the color,

they followed me here, of course with the full sun                                              behind me, wind                                              in the corridor, and                                              after all this time                                              and in the wrong season

they followed me here.I close my eyes,                   they move. [End Page 11]


The air flows with yellow throughall the windows of the new house.   Smells yellow, tastes                                                          yellow, lo                                                          the uniforming splendor                                                          of a paintbrush and a gallon of white.I paint a mosquito white.     There are no more robins,                                                          just colored sunset light.

Every day is sunset.                           I wrap myself in a white comforter,I parade around the house                 the one my mother bought                                                          when my father left, then died.

                                                          You know,with my ankles all rainbow.             I know you know.

I am painting everything white because I wantevery thing                                           to be your bride. [End Page 12]

Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark is a noted Beyoncé enthusiast and MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Michigan. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in PANK, Ninth Letter, and Redivider, among other journals.



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