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Index, Volume XXIX (1989) Articles Apter, Emily. “ Fore-skin and After-Image: Photographic Fetishism in Tournier’s Fiction.” Spring 1989, 72-82. Bair, Deirdre. “ Simone de Beauvoir: Reflections on a Work in Progress.” Winter 1989, 75-85. Barnes, Hazel E. “ Sartre’s Scenario for Freud.” Winter 1989, 52-64. Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe. “Erudition and Aphasia in Hélisenne de Crenne’s Les Angoysses douloureuses qui procèdent d ’amours.” Fall 1989, 36-42. Beizer, Janet. “The Body in Question: Anatomy, Textuality and Fetishism in Zola.” Spring 1989, 50-60. Borch-Jacobsen, Mikkel. “ What is Called Subject? A Note on Lacan’s ‘Linguistery.’ ” Spring 1989, 83-96. Brisson, Marie. “ Dire l’inconnue: ‘Sur les femmes’ de Diderot.” Fall 1989, 10-20. Cohen, Margaret. “ A Woman’s Place: La Petite Fadette v. La Voix des Femmes.” Summer 1989, 26-38. Cohen-Solal, Annie. “ Tracking Down a Willing and Reluctant Hero.” Winter 1989, 86-96. Conley, Verena Andermatt. “ Signs of Love: Duras’s Minimal Ways.” Fall 1989, 101-110. DeJean, Joan. “The Politics of Genre: Madeleine de Scudéry and the Rise of the French Novel.” Fall 1981, 43-51. Farrell, Michèle L. “Celebration and Repression of Feminine Desire in Mme d’Aulnoy’s Fairy Tale: La Chatte Blanche." Fall 1989, 52-64. Ferguson, Priscilla Parkhurst. “ Revolutionary Paris and Literary France.” Summer 1989, 39-49. Hollier, Denis. “ Cantique de Saint-Just.” Summer 1989, 74-83. Hubert, Judd D. “A Reactionary Feminist Novelist: Gabrielle de Villeneuve.” Fall 1989, 65-75. Hubert, Renée Riese. “ Preface.” Fall 1989, 3-9. Huston, Nancy. “ Castor and Poulou: The Trials of Twinship.” Winter 1989, 8-20. Kaufmann, Dorothy. Autobiographical Intersexts: Les mots de deux enfants rangés.” Winter 1989, 21-32. Keineg, Paol. “ Mil seizh kant trizek ha pevar ugent (1793), ou la Révolution française en breton.” Summer 1989, 62-73. Kline, T. Jefferson. “ Anxious Affinities: Text as Screen in Truffaut’s Jules et Jim.” Spring 1989, 61-71. Kritzman, Lawrence D. “ The Myth of the Bastille and Sartre’s French Revolution.” Summer 1989, 84-91. Lindsay, Cecile. “ L’Un e(s)t 1 ’Autre: The Future of Difference in French Feminism.” Fall 1989, 21-35. Nichols, Stephen G. “The Image as Textual Unconscious: Medieval Manuscripts.” Spring1989, 7-23. Nykrog, Per. “ Sartre Penned by Camus, 1953-1955.” Winter 1989, 65-74. Petrey, Sandy. “ Introduction: Literature, Language, Revolution.” Summer 1989, 5-15. Porter, Dennis. “The Perverse Traveler: Flaubert’s Voyage en Orient." Spring 1989, 24-36. Porter, Laurence M. “ Writing Feminism: Myth, Epic and Utopia in Monique Wittig’s Les Cuérillères." Fall 1989, 92-100. Prince, Gerald. “ Fragments of a Loving Discourse.” Winter 1989, 33-41. Przybos, Julia. “ Le Tribun, ou le Comédien de l’échafaud, mélodramerévolutionnaire.”Summer 1989, 16-25. Rabine, Leslie Wahl. “ Rewriting the Oedipal Triangle: Feminism, Psychoanalysis and the SaintSimonians .” Spring 1989, 37-49. Raser, Timothy. “ Revolution and Aesthetics in Hugo’s Quatre-vingt-treize." Summer 1989, 50-61. Rice, Mary. Masculin/Féminin: Daniel Stem’s Histoire de la Révolution de 1848.” Fall 1989, 84-91. Schor, Naomi. "Lélia and the Failures of Allegory.” Fall 1989, 76-83. Suleiman, Susan Rubin. “Editor’s Introduction.” Winter 1989, 5-7. ______ “ Simone de Beauvoir and the Writing Self.” Winter 1989, 42-51. VOL. XXIX, NO. 4 109 L ’E s pr it C r éa te u r Review Essay Kritzman, Lawrence D. “ Those Oldies but Goodies: Les Temps Modernes Revisited.” Winter 1989, 97-103. Reviews Ashe, Geoffrey & Norris J. Lacy. The Arthurian Handbook—DEBORAH HUBBARD NELSON, Winter 1989, 106-07. Bloom, Harold, ed. Victor Hugo—JOHN A. FREY. Winter 1989, 107-08. Bowie, Malcolm. Freud, Proust and Lacan: Theory as Fiction—VÀHEED K. RAMAZANI. Spring 1989, 104. Comminel, George C. Rethinking the French Revolution: Marxism and the Revisionist Challenge—SANDY PETREY. Sum m er 1989, 92-93. Felman, Shoshana. Jacques Lacan and the Adventure o f Insight: Psychoanalysis in Con­ temporary Culture—M a rth a N o el E vans. Spring 1989, 97-98. Hubert, Renée Riese. Surrealism and the Book—JOHN ANZALONE. Summer 1989, 94-95. Kavanaugh, Thomas. Writing the Truth: Authority and Desire in Rousseau—JENENE J. ALLISON. Spring 1989, 101...


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