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Index, Volume XXVII (1987) Articles Andrews, M ark. Formalist Dogmatisms, Derridean Questioning, and the Return of Affect: Towards a Distributed Reading of Triptyque. W inter 1987, 37-47. Baehler, Aline. Aspects du personnage simonien: Corinne. Winter J987, 27-36. Balakian, Anna. M allarmé’s Preface to René GhiFs Traité du Verhe. Fail 1987, 58-67. Barnett, Richard L. En guise d ’avant-propos. Fail 1987, 5-6. ____. Pascal’s Proemial Tropes. Fall 1987, 39-48. Bauer, George H. Pretexts for Texts: Sartre and Barthes Before Genet and Camus. Fall 1987, 89-99. Blanchard, Marc E. Changer d’avis: Montaigne, histoire, radotage. Summer 1987, 30-41. ______ . Le désir de prédire. Fall 1987, 26-38. Carroll, David. Narrative Poetics and the Crisis in Culture: Claude Simon’s Return to “ History.” W inter 1987, 48-60. Chambers, Ross. Nerval’s Léo Burckhart: The Duplicity of Power and the Power of Duplicity. Summer 1987, 56-73. Davis, Robert Con. Theorizing Opposition: Aristotle, Greimas, Jameson, Said. Summer 1987, 5-18. Dembowski. Peter F. Metrics and Textual Criticism: The Example of Froissart’s Decasyllabics. Spring 1987, 90-100. Dunn, Susan. Louis XVI and His Executioners. Summer 1987, 42-55. DuVerlie, Claud. Naissance de Claude Simon: consécration et légitimation d’une œuvre littéraire. W inter 1987, 61-71. Foulet, A lfred. On Grid-Editing Chrétien de Troyes. Spring 1987, 15-23, Friedman, Lionel J. Embedded Format and Extra-Text. Spring 1987, 101-10. Hainan, Philippe. A propos du “ Générique” de Leçon de choses. Winter 1987, 89-102. Heinemann, Edward A. Silence in the Interstices: Epic Cliché and the Editorial Poetics of the Chanson de geste (Couronnement de Louis 736-739). Spring 1987, 24-33. Higgins, Lynn A. Gender and War Narrative in La Route des Flandres. Winter 1987, 17-26. ILolland, Eugene W. “ Introduction to the Non-Fascist Life” : Deleuzc and G uattari’s “ Revolutionary” Semiotics. Summer 1987, 19-29. H uot, Sylvia. The Scribe as Editor: Rubrication as Critical Apparatus in Two Manuscripts of the Roman de la Rose. Spring 1987, 67-78. Issacharoff, Michael. Prefacing Plays. Fail 1987, 79-88. Kellman, Steven G. Les Hors d ’œuvres du carnaval romanesque: The Preface as Vorspeise. Fail 1987, 19-25. Kingcaid, Renée A. Amazing Grace: A Rehours Twenty Years After. Fall J987, 68-78. M arin, Louis. Les enjeux d’un frontispice. Fall 1987, 49-57. Marx-Sœuras, Danielle. The Dissident Politics of Tel Quel. Summer 1987, 101-08. Pickens, Rupert T. Towards an Edition of Chretien’s L i Contes del Graai: Hilka vv. 1869-2024. Spring 1987, 53*66. Richards, Earl Jeffrey. Finding the “ Authentic” Text: Editing and Translating Medieval and Modern W orks as Comparable Interpretive Exercises (Chrétien’s Charrette, Christine de Pizan’s Cité des Dames, and Diderot’s Neveu de Rameau). Spring 1987, 111-21. Rigolot, François. Prolégomènes à une étude du statut de l’appareii luminaire des textes littéraires. Fall 1987, 7-18. Seylaz, Jean-Luc. Lecture du chapitre I des Géorgiques. W inter 1987, 80-88. Sherzer, Dina. Les Géorgiques: langage et fiction. Winter 1987, 72-79. Speer, M ary B. Editing the Formulaic Romance Style: The Poetics of Repetition in the Roman des Sept Sages. Spring 1987, 34-52. Vol.XXVII, No. 4 109 L ’E sprit C réateur Stivale, Charles J. Les Blouses and L'insurgé as Narratives of Revolt. Summer 1987, 92-100. V itti, K arl D. Preface. Spring 1987, 5-14. VanderWolk, William C. History and the Redemptive Power of Memory in Flaubert’s L ’Education sentimentale. Summer 1987, 74-81. Winspur, Steven. Ethics, Change, and Lautréamont. Summer 1987, 82-91. Woodhull, Winifred.'Reading Claude Simon: Gender, Ideology, Repre.seniation. W inter 3987, 5-16. Zink, Michel. Bonheurs de l’inconséquence dans Se texte de Rutebeuf. Spring 1987, 79-89. Reviews Bevan, David G. M ichel Tournier—BETTINA L. KNAPP. Fall 1987, 102. Bloch, R. Howard. The Scandal o f the Fabliaux—EIJZA MlRUNA GHIL. Spring 1987, 126-27. Bouraoui, Hédi. Robert Champigny: poète et philosophe—EVELYNE ACCAD. Winter 1987, 107-08. Caplan, Jay. Framed Narratives. D iderot's Genealogy...


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