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Ba r b a r a B r in s o n C u r ie l 4 2 7 Gonzales-Berry, Erlinda. “Unveiling Athena: Women in the Chicano Novel.” Chicaría Critical Issues. Ed. Norma Alarcon et al. Berkeley: Third Woman Press, 1993: 33-44. Krauze, Enrique. El amor a la tierra: Emiliano Zapata. México, D.E: Fondo de cultura económica, 1987. McCracken, Ellen. New Latina Narrative: The Feminine Space of Postmodern Ethnicity. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1999. Ruiz, Vicki L. From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women in Twentieth'Century America. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Sotelo Inclán, Jesús. Raíz y razón de Zapata, Anenecuilco. 1943. Rev. and exp. ed., México: Editorial Etnos, 1970. Valverde, Sergio. Apuntes de la revolución y de la política del Estado de Morelos. México: spi, 1933. Womack, John, Jr. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution. New York: Random House, 1968. ,v i F r o m t h e B ib l io g r a p h ic E d it o r S a r a h M. R u d d Our annual “Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature” will be posted by February 2001. You can access the bibli­ ography by going to our website at . On the “Overview” page, click on “Bibliographies,” then on “Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature— 2000.” You can locate authors or subjects that interest you by using your search command, or you might choose to print a hard copy by downloading the bibliogra­ phy to your hard drive and opening it with your word processor. If this fails, request a hard copy by sending $8.00 to the Bibliographic Editor, in care of Western American Literature. Special thanks to Robert Brophy for his continued contributions toward our Robinson Jeffers section. If you have any recommendations for books or articles for next year’s bibliography or would like to help as a section bibliographic editor, please contact the Bibliographic Editor by November 1, 2001. ...


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