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72 Western American Literature BOOKS RECEIVED Biography Engen, Orrin A., Writer of the Plains, (A Biography of B. M. Bower), Culver City, California, The Pontine Press, 56 pp. no price available. Beshora, Barron B., Hippocrates in a Red Vest, Palo Alto, California, American West Publishing Company, 352 pp. $9.95. Fiction Manfred, Frederick, Lord Grizzly, New York, New American Library, 270 pp. $.95. Manfred, Frederick, Conquering Horse, New York, New American Library, 275 pp. $1.25. Manfred, Frederick, Scarlet Plume, New York, New American Library, 317 pp. $1.25 Manfred, Frederick, King of Spades, New York, New American Library, 254 pp. $1.25. Manfred, Frederick, Riders of Judgment, New York, New American Library, 318 pp. $1.25. Haslam, Gerald, Okies, San Rafael, California, New West Publications, 102 pp., $3.50. Non-fiction Faulk, Odie B., Tombstone, New York, Oxford University Press, 242 pp., $7.50 Faulk, Odie B., Destiny Road, New York, Oxford University Press, 232 pp., $7.50. Boudreau, Eugene, Trails of the Sierra Madre, Santa Barbara and San Francisco, California, Capra Press and Scrimshaw Press, 77 pp., $3.75. Spicer, Edward H. and Raymond H. Thompson, eds. Plural Society in the Southwest, New York, Interbook, Inc., 367 pp., $5.95. Eaton, Herbert, The Overland Trail to California in 1852, New York, G. P. Put­ nams Sons, 330 pp., $8.95. Billington, Ray Allen, ed., People of the Plains and Mountains, Essays in the History of the West Dedicated to Everett Dick, Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 227 pp., $12.50. Berkman, Richard L., and W. Kip Viscusi, Ralph Nader’s Study Group Report on the Bureau of Reclamation: Damming the West., New York, Grossman Publishers, 272 pp., $7.95. Reviews 73 Non-fiction — Indians Marquis, Thomas B. compiler, Cheyenne and Sioux, Stockton, California, Pacific Center for Western Historical Studies, University of the Pacific, 79 pp., $5.50. Hyde, Dayton O., The Last Free Man, New York, The Dial Press, 264 pp., $7.95. Martineau, LaVan, The Rocks Begin to Speak, Las Vegas, Nevada, KC Publica­ tions, 210 pp., $8.95. Terrell, John Upton, Pueblos, Gods, and Spaniards, New York, The Dial Press, 298 pp., $8.50. David, Jay, The American Indian, The First Victim, New York, William Morrow & Company, Inc., 192 pp., $6.95. VanDerBeets, Richard, ed., Held Captive by Indians, Selected Narratives, 16421836 , Knoxville, Tennessee, The University of Tennessee Press, 374 pp., $12.95. Poetry Tedlock, Dennis, translator, Finding the Center, New York, The Dial Press, 298 pp., $8.50, hardcover, $2.95, softcover. Autobiography Owen, William A., A Season of Weathering, New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 258 pp., $7.95. Miller, Joaquin, Unwritten History: Life Among the Modocs, Eugene, Oregon, Orion Press, 400 pp., $2.95. ...


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