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JAN R O U S H Utah State University Research in Western AmericanLiterature: 1990-1991 An examination of the twenty-six theses and ninety-six dissertations written during the pastyearwhich have some bearing on western Ameri­ can literature reveals a dramatic increase in topics related to Native Americans. Of the five most frequent subjectswritten about, discussions of some aspect of Native American literature, history, or culture led the way with a total of thirty-four, compared to thirteen on women or gender issues, eight concerning landscape or nature, and twelve each devoted to a discussion of the works by a single author: Twain and Cather. The remaining theses and dissertations covered the usual wide spectrum of topics, some esoteric: Splittingin the Thirties:A Psychoanalytic Study ofRoth, Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Slesinger, some more mundane: The Quest for Freedom in the Changing West of Edward Abbey and Larry McMurtry. At a time when preparations have begun for revising The LiteraryHistory oftheAmerican Westand discussion focuses on whether the old format with its initial outlining of general themes and subsequent treatment by regions is sufficient to withstand the revision, it is interest­ ing to note that research trends, at least as reflected in theses and dissertations, reveal little need to substantially revise the format except in this one area of Native American literature. COMPLETED MASTERS THESES American Literature Lerma, Panfila Pamela Women in Their Realities. (M.A.) Texas A&I University, 1990. (Discusses three short stories by Willa Cather: “Coming, Aphrodite!” “Old Mrs. Harris,”and “The BestYears.”) Li, Bo The Chinese as Portrayed in the Writings of Several Prominent American Authors. (M.A.) Stephen F. Austin State University, 1989. 344 Western American Literature Hall, Robert Lee Natural Innocence in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Nick Adams Stories, and The Old Man and the Sea. (M.A.) University of North Texas, 1990. Tokkonen, Tellervo Orvokki Europe in Mark Twain’s Travel Writing. (M.A.) Florida Atlantic University, 1990. American Studies Anderson, Michael Taylor The Life and Tools of the Rocky Mountain Free Trapper. (M.A.) Tarleton State University, 1990. Architecture Chappel,Jill A. Homestead Ranches of the Fort Rock Valley: Vernacular Building in the Oregon High Desert. (M.S.) University of Oregon, 1990. Canadian History Hewlett, Lorraine Louise Development, Decay, Re-development: The Politics of the Northwest Terri­ tories. (M.A.) Carleton University (Canada), 1990. CulturalAnthropology Bulette, Elizabeth Anne Crossing the Water: An Interpretation of Six Indian Women Educated in the West. (M.A.) Michigan State University, 1989. Claeys-Shahmiri,Janet Suzanne Ethnohistorical Investigation of the Battle ofVillage Creek, Tarrant County, Texas, in 1841. (M.A.) The University ofTexas at Arlington, 1989. Fast, Phyllis Ann. Naatsilanei and Ko’ehdan: A Semiotic Analysis of Two Alaska Native Myths. (M.A.) University ofAlaska Anchorage, 1990. Ford, Susan Wise Lorenzo D. Creel and the Purchase of Land for Washoe Colonies, 1917. (M.A.) University of Nevada, Reno, 1989. Research 345 Joy, Mary E. Traditional Medicine at an Indian Reserve. (M.A.) Michigan State University, 1990. Kerisit, Michele Feathers, Furs, and Fringes: A Semiological Analysis of Powwow Regalia. (M.A.) Carleton University (Canada), 1989. United States History Beaumont, Philip,Jr. One Man’sValiant Efforts to Negotiate for His Crow People: The Outcomes in Decades to Follow. (M.A.) The University ofArizona, 1991. Brown, Vanessa Lee Payre John Moore Shannon: The Legacy of a West Texas Sheepman, 1883-1928. (M.A.) The University of Texas at Arlington, 1989. Cashion, Peggy Mullarkey Women and the Mexican War, 1846-1848. (M.A.) The University of Texas at Arlington, 1990. Cashion, Robert Tyrus An Examination of Frontier Violence at Fort Griffin, Texas. (M.A.) The University of Texas at Arlington, 1989. Daniels,John David The Political Philosophy of Sam Houston. (M.A.) University of North Texas, 1990. Golda,John Frederick Nelson A. Miles’ Winter Campaign of 1876/77 and the Battle of Wolf Mountain. (M.A.) SanJose State University, 1990. McGraw, Ursula Gerta RobertJustus Kleberg: Founding Father. (M.A.) Texas A&I, 1990. (Discusses the frontier experience of Texas pio­ neers, the Texas Revolution, and the Civil War and Reconstruction.) Mellis,Jana Elaine White Canyon, Utah: A Place and Its People. (M.A.) California State University, Fullerton, 1989. Oberg, Michael Leroy National Politics, the Supreme Court...


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